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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Give the gift of Global Giving

I recently received a gift card which I was very excited to use. This was not for a new pair of shoes at a department store or not to buy plants at a "big box" hardware company. This gift card was to be used to give to someone else, something I love to do.....give. It was for a company called globalgiving (a million little earth-changing ideas) which supports many projects throughout the world. Another way you can make a difference somewhere else that is needed.
What I like about globalgiving is you can search for projects in several ways such as by country, topic, organization or even let a project wizard help you narrow the topics down for you. The dollar ranges are broad and even the smallest contribution can make a difference. There are also ways you can get involved whether you post a widget on your blog site, sigh up for a registry or even be a writer for projects.

I searched out a project by region and interest. I had been to India on a vacation and had visited the area of Udaipur. In case you did not know, Udaipur is where they filmed the James Bond Film Octopussey, which we we happened to make a special stop to see the movie while we were there. What can I say, I love James Bond movies! I found a project called Improving Food Securities for Tribal Farmers, located in Udaipur region. As little as $10 can support two vegetable nurseries for 30 families! Why would they need this? With low/fragmented landholding, less rainfall, high soil erosion & insufficient infrastructure restrain agriculture productivity. Wit these agricultural challenges already in hand, there is also primitive agriculture practices of tribal farmers, particularly less crop diversification, incompatibility between crop selection and resource conditions, intensify the problem. Taking all of this into account,the current agriculture process, is incapable of providing the households food security. With the donations given, tribal farmers can be introduced to better agriculture practices through trainings, demonstration and exposure visits. Extend technical and financial support to use improved variety seeds, plant fruit trees, cultivate vegetables, and use organic fertilizers. To me this follows the Chinese proverb of Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Stop by globalgiving and see what you can offer. Have a birthday coming and do not know what you want or need? How about a gift of giving to someone else who has a need.

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Margaret said...

Thank you for your unbridled enthusiasm for Globalgiving. We really appreciate it and I personally love how you used your gift card. I was just in udaipur and visited the project you gave to. It is a phenomonal project. The women I met have a chance to be self sufficient and take care of their families thanks to folks like you. if you ever have questions about global giving please be in touch. Margaret from Globalgiving