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Friday, May 1, 2009

It all comes back.....eventually

Who would have thought this Raggedy Ann doll would cause such a big scene at a tag sale. How you might ask? I think I went above and beyond what many would have done, you tell me.

We had a town wide tag sale this past Saturday which my girl friend Amy and I took one car and drove around to the church part of the sales then hit up a few on the way home. the last one we stopped at had a lot of girl items at it, including at least 6 Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls of different sizes. The mom had two daughters, ages 10 and 8. The were wandering around the sale hanging out. If you have been reading my blog, you know I am working on the sleep issue with the pacifier so the first Raggedy Ann doll I see is the Pajama doll with fuzzy pink slippers. I asked the mom how much, $2, wow what a deal! Bought it and brought it to my daughter in the car, which of course she immediately loved it and the fact it had pajamas on it with the slippers was a hit. While my girl friend Amy was looking around and I am at the car, I hear the 10 year old daughter crying, yelling at her mom "That was mine mommy!" And the mom states to her "You go tell that 2 year old you want to take back the doll, that is setting a good example." I am thinking this is not going to be good.
The mom walks over with two small 8" dolls and asks me if my daughter would trade them for the pajama one, her daughter evidently did not know she had put this one up for sale. Oh great.....put me in a position to barter with my daughter after I already gave it to her. I show my daughter the two for one deal, no go and no surprise....she likes the pajama one. The 10 year old is still sobbing by the house. I walk over to the table with the dolls, picked up the 2 ft Ann doll and tried the trade, still no go. I then resort to the Ann and Andy, which while she was distracted, took the pajama one out and handed it to the 10 year old who was helping her mom put some items Amy had bought in the car. The 10 year old thanked me, sniffling the whole time. We left the tag sale, me completely annoyed and wondering how long it would take before my daughter realized the pajama Ann doll was missing. Not a mile down the road, she asked for it. I had to tell her that I left it there and apologize.
The problem with this occurrence was a few things. The mom did not go seem to have reviewed with the daughter what she had for sale and the statements made out load in front of us were pretty awkward. The mom NEVER apologized to me and I really did not have to do what I did. Why did I do it? I would hope that someday, if this ever happened to me that someone would do the same. A kind of "what goes around, comes around" deal. I did not feel bad for the mom, I felt bad for the 10 year old girl. I did end up getting the Raggedy Ann and Andy 85th Anniversary 2ft dolls for $2, which I am sure the mom was not happy about.
As for the pajama Raggedy Ann, first I told my daughter I would make some for the new doll. What am I crazy? I barely have time to knit right now. I did a quick search on line only to find one on ebay, bought it and done. Hopefully this will be a good sign....especially with taking away the pacifier.

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An English Shepherd said...

Sound like you did the right thing for the little one, never mind the silly adult!

Wizz :-)