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Sunday, May 3, 2009

No pie - The Saga Continues

I am pretty positive the naps are done, my daughter does not seem to be tired and is not receptive. I knew it would end but not this soon, the two extra hours of me time was very convenient. Since the removal of the pacifier, having her go to bed is still an ordeal. I decided to do a little shopping for new bedding, let her pick them out.
We had several choices and what I wanted of course was not what she wanted, it is her bed after all and Hello Kitty was not top on the choice(darn) but Dora was(double darn). I bought the twin sheet set, in hopes to use it when we transition to a twin bed. At least the design was kind of cute with the flowers. Although as you can see from the picture, it is like having a life size child in the bed on her pillow with her!
I made the bed during the day, had her go in it and let her know she did not have to go to sleep but just check out her new bedding. She was excited and loved the pictures, making up stories to where Dora was going with Boots. I also splurged and bought her two sets of Dora pajamas, again something I probably would never have done, I tend to ignore the character pajamas.
When it came time for bed, she was still not that receptive but not as bad as the previous nights, only to fuss for about 15 minutes, not 45 minutes! I'll take it. Let's see how we go from here.

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An English Shepherd said...

good luck, I can be a bit of a pain going to bed as well ;-)

Wizz :-)