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Friday, May 8, 2009

School Budget vote

In my small town of about 5000 voters, we had 800 voters turn out for our district school budget vote, $36.8 Million. That is about 16% turn out, I consider this pretty poor due to the economy and people's interest on how money is being spent.

I worked the polls all day and there was an influx of voters in the last 3 hours, mostly parents and definitely voting for the budget. That is fine, but what was not fair was the fact that many voters did NOT know about the monies left over from the previous school year, $1.2 million. So with the 1..6% increase passed by 30 votes in my town(I guarantee the other town voted for it, always does), it is more than people think. We were suppose to have our town paper out before the vote, allowing much more information to make a better voting decision. Unfortunately, the paper was delayed missed this crucial time. Very disappointing. When people get the tax bill, then there will be complaints, did give them to me! If you did not vote, I will not listen.

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