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Sunday, May 10, 2009

There's a new camera in town

On my 40th birthday, my husband treated me to a new camera! He did a great job with doing his research and bought a Nikon. The new camera takes up to 4.5 pictures per second, wow! My old camera has a horrible delay of about 5 seconds and the batteries were crapping out. Originally I wanted a Canon Rebel, but I can say the Nikon is awesome. of course I will not be bringing this camera to the beach, I will have to keep the old one for the handbag.

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The LeBlancs said...

hey robin, love the new camera! congrats! i'm sure that eric did his research but just in case he doesn't know, you need a filter for that $$$ lens. i didn't check the picture too close up, so i can't tell if there is one there or not. anyway, you can get them at any camera store, they cost about $30 (as opposed to the cost of a new lens if you scratch it....).
happy mother's day and happy birthday!!! i hope that you had a nice time yesterday.

Angie said...

ug, I am SO jealous! Is that a Nikon D? You are gonna have a blast taking pix. I want the Canon Rebel SO bad. Or this one. Either one really. My canon powershot is horrible. The batteries only last for an hour. My hubs doesn't wanna spend $500 on a camera tho. I'm so sad!

katy said...

Your dh did good! Happy 40th! Enjoy the good pics you'll get with that new camera.

An English Shepherd said...

Cool Camera look forward to seeing all the pictures it takes for your blog ;-)

Wizz :-)