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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a New York Yankee series!

I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed watching a Yankee game so much as this past series against the Twins. Every game had excitement, drama, great plays and a dramatic ending.
Friday night was the walk off win by Melky, Saturday was the walk off win by A-Rod, Sunday the walk off win by Damon and Monday was the first close by Phil Coke. A four game sweep that was much needed for catch up and confidence building. I love the catcher they have cover Molina right now, Francisco Cerville, they have got to keep him! He has so much drive, energy, he can run like no other catcher can, a great arm, calls the game pitches, confident and just shows it in the field and off. In fact, many of the young guys who are in and out right now are all pushers and movers. Sure there have been a few rookie mistakes stealing bases and maybe a little bit of greediness, but the hustle is there. But give it up to "Tex" who has been on fire, I knew would happen eventually. He is pumping out the home runs and RBI's, making up for a slow April and hopefully keeping it going! Now I can finally say I am excited to go to a Yankee game this weekend!

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Kathleen said...

You said it! Great games come from behind wins gotta love it! I feel like a little 1996 key young players mixed in with the veterans with the love of the game and the chance to be there. Love it! We need Chin and Mo to get back to snuff and then lets go to Boston!

An English Shepherd said...

We don't have baseball over here :-(

Mind you football (soccer) is quite good ;-)

Wizz :-)