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Sunday, May 17, 2009

When, where and if to start nursery school

I never thought I would be having these conversations or be involved with the parent groups that I am now. Everyone seems to have an opinion on when, where or if you should send your child to Nursery School. It is all opinion and your choice. Of course you get the mom's who have the strong opinion on where they would only send their child to, suggesting your choice could never be up to par. This is nursery school we are talking about, not college.

I take my daughter to a few of the local recreational department programs with kids the same age and some she may be in school with eventually. You hear it all in these programs, I find myself being the listener rather than inserting opinions. One mother every week talks about the Montessori School her daughter goes to as if she were a paid advertised program on TV, I think she could sell the Shamwow just as well as the man does on the infomercial. I have nothing against the Montessori Schools, I know a few who have gone and also know a mom who worked three jobs to send all her three kids there. When it comes to Montessori Schools, the decision to send my daughter is about location, finance and reputation. Using these criteria for sending my daughter to Nursery School, Montessori does not fit. I do not want to pay the cost of their tuition, the closest one to me is 20 minute drive and that school is fairly new. Their program is an everyday class, not two days a week. For me, the two days a week for two hours at age 3 is enough, and I do not need to drive 20 minutes to get there, wait until it is over than drive home. I want to be able to use that two hours to do something for me.

The other comment I heard today from another parent was when and if to send your child to nursery school. Her daughter is only three weeks older than my daughter and from what I understand, September to December birthdays are young and are often held back. The mom stated she did not feel she needed to send her daughter to nursery school because she has enough socialization in playgroups and she is a stay at home mom, she can give her all she needs. Being I was sitting right next to her and our daughter's are the same age, I had to interject with an opinion. Not to mention I am also a stay at home mom and my daughter also interacts with other children her age. My statement to her was about reinforcement of social skills and it also gives her daughter an environment to be in without her parents around to interact with others her own age. As we know, majority of the parents will not be there while they are in school. The statement that came from the teacher is what concerned me the most. She stated that most children are being held back due to school is becoming harder. Why is school becoming harder? More homework? More expectations? I understand it is not like Little House on the Prairie with writing on one tablet or chalk board, all grades in the same room as each other and homework that CAN be done without a computer. You could not pay me enough to go back and do it all over again, once was enough and I will be re-living it with my daughter anyway!

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