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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Windex Outdoor all-in-one Glass Cleaning Tool

Got pets? Got sliding glass doors? Then you have a pet who really wants to be able to look out of a nice clean window, spotting the squirrels, turkeys and neighbor pets visiting the yard! I happen to have this situation, along with my in-laws who have a sun room, more windows to deal with. A paper towel, spray bottle and ladder just does not do it, and often the issue is reaching the windows.

I had the opportunity to try out the Windex Outdoor all-in-one Glass Cleaning Tool. This is a very neat cleaning system which reaches up to 11ft, great for sun room windows. I am all about easy and the Windex Outdoor all-in-one Cleaning Tool is easy to use. You get your garden hose, spray the windows, wipe with the Windex pad then spray again. That is it! Pollen is a major culprit this spring, building up on the windows. This cleaning system tackled the pollen, making the windows sparkle! Luna now has a much cleaner view of potential visitors in the yard......watch out turkeys! Those blueberry bushes are much safer now!

Check out the coupon offered for a starter kit, save up $2.50!

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