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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad results with plant kit

I consider myself having a green thumb. I think it is just from learning from others, experience in my yard and the best places for indoor plants to grow.

My daughter received two of these little indoor plant starter kits, both should be fairly easy and had zinnias, another simple plant to grow from seed. I put them in a sunny spot, watered and waited. One had a couple of sprouts then did not grow, the other had nothing. Very disappointing since these were given as gifts, marketed for this to children and are suppose to be pretty fool proof.

Has anyone else had success or failure with these? Let me know.

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The LeBlancs said...

Our girls got some of those for Easter gifts and they did not work for us either. We actually had much better luck with a Burpee seed starter that we picked up at Home Depot for $7 and seeds that the girls picked out on their own.