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Friday, June 26, 2009

A BIG move

This was a monumental moment for my daughter. My mother came one day last week, broke down the crib and set up the big bed for my daughter. We had her involved with the whole process, she was so excited! Luckily, I had kept an old spindle bed in our attic and the twin mattress which was new, we decided not to use the metal box spring and just rest the mattress on the frame. This was a great height for her to be able to climb on and off, not to mention a lower fall if she rolls off! My mom did a great job figuring the best layout for the bed to get the most room, she also gave her the quilt and made it up for her.

The first night was no problem, she was so excited that she couldn't go to sleep! No roll off, and slept just as well as the crib. She did roll off the second night but fortunately I had placed pillows on the floor to soften the fall. That was the only time she has rolled off. Success! The funnier

part is she has all of her friends sleep on the Dora pillow at the head of the bed and she likes to sleep on this tiny border collie pillow at the foot. What ever works!

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