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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A BIG project

When you go to other people's homes and see some beautiful gardens, you get inspired. Or is it some synapses misfired in your brain and you think "I can do that!" without realizing how much work it is.
I went over to a friend's home to see her gardens she will have on display next week for a tour. She spends so much time on them, manicured, weed free and the flow of color and flowers are perfect. You just cannot help but go away and say "What have I been doing with my year?". I decided to take on a challenge, a BIG one in my eyes, extend out a garden I made tow years ago by building a sloping rock wall with a raised bed. I couldn't pick something easier like planting a rose against my fence post, it had to be this. I have the rocks, a pile left to us by our neighbor before he passed away. It almost seemed like a tribute to him since this garden also housed a rose he gave us that I have managed to keep healthy.

I staked it out, my husband and I talked it over with a game plan and had the opportunity to start it. I dove right in and started to pull out rocks of the large pile, fully expecting to see a snake at any point in time! You may think that rocks walls seem easy, think again! There is a lot of puzzle piecing with the stones, digging in to get a solid base(I knew those church fireplace bricks would be useful) and compensating for a slope. I want to build an 8ft seat at the end of this garden, yet another challenge. All of the wall will be dry layed out except for the seat which will have mortar, due to the stress of sitting on it. The weather is suppose to be pretty crappy this week and clear by Friday, I would imagine I can get over half of the wall done. Here you can see my cat Domino is doing the inspection.

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Michele Horne said...

Wow, that is a huge project. I did a small fire pit and it was a lot of work. I can't wait to see the end result.

mannequin said...

Eight foot seat? Holey moley! That will be incredible and I love how it's somewhat of a tribute to your neighbor who passed away. I know exactly what you mean

I can't wait to see the wall as it nears completion. It would take me years to accomplish that. Of course, you've got a helper :)