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Monday, June 1, 2009

An early start to the hurricane season

We got a reality check early this hurricane season with the first tropical depression forming very close to my state! I hope this is not a sign of how this season will be.
The 2009 forecast is calling out 6 hurricanes in the Atlantic and 2 being major hurricanes. Supposedly it is also rated an average to normal hurricane season. I would have t say that any hurricane coming my way is major. I have seen a few in my life time, nothing like what Katrina did to the Gulf Coast. I also think our area is overdue for a hurricane, it has been since the early 90's when the last hurricane visited Connecticut. I suppose many people who live along the coast have been lackadaisical in being prepared for a hurricane, maybe a little denial that one will not come their way. Katrina is a good example of what can happen. I do wonder how I-95 would be able to handle the traffic from Boston to New York with an evacuation, and if I would have to evacuate living inland. I grew up on the shoreline and evacuated twice from two major hurricanes. I am sure now my parents would be coming to my home if this were to ever happen. Then there is the question of what would you take if you had to leave your home. I think I would have to take pictures and my computer(for mostly pictures). What would you take if you had to evacuate last minute?
Want to see the hurricane names chosen? Stop by here for more hurricane info.

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