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Friday, June 12, 2009

Just another manic Monday

Woke up Monday morning to a little surprise, our hot water heater seemed to not be working right. The water was hotter than normal with less cold water compensating for the temperature difference. My husband went down stairs to check on it, sure enough it was leaking. He was ready to go off to work and I had to work on this little matter.
I started out with making two phone calls early before 8am to a couple of local plumbers. I left messages stating that the water heater was most likely needed to be replaced being it was 14 years old. My daughter and I then left to go to get some tires changed on my car, what should have been only an hour to do this turned into over a two hour ordeal when then tracked me down at the breakfast place next door to tell me that I needed two new tires. It was almost like extortion, telling me I have to replace two tires that are worn and they would not put the old ones on. What choice did I have? My daughter was extremely patient, good, maybe too good and that could have also been why the time was extended since she was not causing any scene in the tire shop. Finally leaving there spending more money and all morning there, fully expecting to receive a couple of messages on my phone when I got home. What did I get on the phone? Nothing! O.k., maybe they are on the job and will call me when they get home. I am keeping the faith, knowing all too well that often it is a game. I worked with plumbers in my last job for over 7 years, I know what to expect. I had knitting and my first nursery school meeting, a long night and was sure I would have a message when I got home. A late night and home by 10pm, no messages!
Tuesday comes, still no hot water, I have utilized my in-laws for the shower and I have to heat water to do the dishes, that is not fun. I make another phone call to a different plumber, again local to try to stay away from giving to the "big box" corporate store. Waited all day for a call, again resorting to possibly calling one more plumber in the area to get this situation fixed. Finally at 7pm, got a call from a plumber and he is available ASAP to do the job, shocking. Let's just see how much this will cost....under or over $1k???

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