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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moles in a sandbox

Oh the stories the Little People have.......today it was dealing with moles in a sandbox. My daughter has the Little People Summer set with a sandbox and camping parts. Sara Lynn evidently found a mole in the sandbox and they are digging with Eddie to try and get it out. The ice cream man stopped by to help, bringing the shovel for them. Evidently the mole is too big and too hard, they have to use their teamwork to grab it, being too heavy. Santa Claus stepped in to try and help, maybe he can put some "weight" into it. He did it! Hip hip hooray! Santa Claus saved the day and got the mole out! Wow.......who knew moles got into sandboxes.....uh oh.....wait there seems to be one more mole in there....to be continued!

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