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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A pumpkin fairytale

My daughter thinks her Aunt Missa and Uncle Mark live in a pumpkin. You might be wondering how this came about?
Aunt Missa had a conversation with my daughter and somehow she came out with that they live in a pumpkin because she likes the color orange. This seems to have stuck and now she tells people, like my mom, that Aunty Missa lives in a pumpkin. My daughter wanted to stay overnight a few weeks ago when we visited them to see their "pumpkin", but plans had to change. Of course her Uncle Mark continued on this pumpkin theme by telling her he had to go home and carve out a new window for their pumpkin home.
The pumpkin home story continued when my mother and grandmother visited. We were walking around the yard and was showing them the vegetable garden. My daughter pointed out to my mom in the garden the pumpkin area and that we were growing a new pumpkin for Aunty Missa and Uncle Mark. I didn't realize their current pumpkin was not good enough, maybe they needed a new addition or a bigger pumpkin, or the carving did not go well. I am wondering what she will think when we visit their home and it does not look like a pumpkin, oh the disappointment!

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