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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Washer on the brink of....death?

This could be it for my washing machine. It is only 12 years old, a GE, top loader, over sized design for larger washes and a work horse. Well...maybe not so much now.
I had thankfully done all of my laundry over the weekend, for only three people, it seems to build up quickly. Most of it is NOT my clothes! I wanted to felt out a knitting project I had finished, running it in the first cycle. After the agitation stopped and the next cycle was to start with draining the water and spin, nothing happened. It sounded like the timer was not tripping into the next cycle. Not good.
I was going to call a repair company to see if they could come out to take a look but my father-in-law suggested my husband's Uncle first, he is a fix it all person. Sure enough, he stopped up and made a determination that it is probably the timer. He also might have the timer part and if so, would install it. Great! He also stated that if it we had to replace any pieces of this washer and buy parts, it would be more cost effective to replace the whole machine.....yuck! Keep your fingers crossed as he will be coming today to hopefully fix this messy situation.

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An English Shepherd said...

I don't think any of our washers have lasted 12 years !

Wizz ;-)

mannequin said...

It seems like everything is more cost effective to replace than fix. That's so sad, not only for consumers but what happened to the little old repair man on the corner?