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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend in NYC - Part One Subway Series

Last weekend we visited my daughter's Aunt and Uncle who live in NYC, a sleep over in the pumpkin. We went to the Subway Series Yankee vs. Mets game on Saturday, not very exciting considering the outcome from the Friday night game and the Sunday game. I had to post a few pictures of Derek Jeter, my daughter's favorite player. She told me before the game that when she saw him today she wanted to give him a big squeeze hug and show him her new skirt. Needless to say when she saw him up on the big screen at the plate ready to hit, she would do this little circle dance, hands in the air and skipping in place and turning around. Very cute! It seemed to rain the whole time, thankfully we were under cover, one good thing about having a cheaper ticket package.
The old stadium is now boxed in, unlike the previous game where you could still go up to it, touch it and see people trying to pick pieces off of the building. Many seats are ripped out inside and I am wondering how much they will try to auction off.

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mannequin said...

How cute! She has a favorite player? Oh...she wanted to show him her new skirt. Geeezz... how cute is that?