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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why do I love the Yankees....

Let me count the ways! What a great game they had last night with Joba Chamberlain pitching on the mound. The series with the Indians was another exciting series on the road. It is always interesting playing there dealing with the two "B's"............birds and bugs!

Seagulls form packs in the outfield, sometimes swarming even more when you get the fans tossing food on the field. Then there is the bugs which are crazy there! Last year Joba pitched with bugs just swarming around him. The bugs did not seem to bother "bug" him on the mound last night. He made plays that were outstanding such as the diving catch in the 5th inning and throwing to second to get an out. And they say they are not athletes. When he was interviewed after the game, he had the WWF belt on his shoulder, which if you follow the Yankees, this is being passed around by the Johnny Damon who is the player of the game, and when asked about his 5th inning diving play, he stated that after he managed to get that play, he looked at the dugout and saw Andy Pettitte "horse laughing". Then made the bold statement that Andy was just jealous that Joba is more athletic than he is.

Then there are all of the players who are in for the injured, fighting for a position and to make a mark. Swisher comes to mind since he has had his ups and downs. When interviewed after the game, he stated Jeter(my daughter loved player)told him that once the rain starts, it won't stop so we need something to happen". Many players would take that as a little stressful. Swisher took it as his job and the need to make something happen, which he did hitting a double, almost a grand slam(I was holding my breath watching) after the bases had been loaded with walks, bringing in two runs breaking a tie score. No big deal, it was his job. Jeter also stepping up as the Captain making the positive role for the team.
One last note......the 18 consecutive games without an error, a MLB record that was last done by the Boston Red Sox in 2006. That is just good baseball and working together as what...maybe what my daughter loves to say from one of the TV shows she loves Wonder Pets "What's gonna work.....TEAM WORK!"

So why do I love this team? Let me count the ways...

1. The newbies on the block, they give life to the team, not afraid to take charge
2. The Captain being the role model as always and making it a point to push
3. Pitching is finally on track
4. That is the Mariano we know and all of the non believers can shove it.
5. Did I mention the pitching?
6. The love of dairy.......whip cream pies by A.J. Burnett for game ending walk off runs
7. A little healthy competition with added fun, the WWF belt.
8. And the pitching........cannot stress that enough
9. God bless "Tex", wanted him years ago and now we got him!
10. What's gonna work........TEAM WORK!

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