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Friday, July 24, 2009

Booboo kitty and Derek Jeter

My daughter has two pictures of Derek Jeter she leaves on her table. One at bat and the other in the field. The other day, she wanted to take her picture of Derek at bat to church to show it to the Sunday school and her teacher Miss Sarah. On the way to church, she asked "Why is Derek Jeter wearing a boot?" I explained it was called a shin guard, like a knee pad, used when he is at bat to protect his ankle if the ball hist him. I could see she was taking all of that info in and quiet for a moment. She then proceeded to say "I could give him booboo kitty, that would make is ankle feel better!". Booboo kitty is her freezer gel pack shaped like a kitty, used of course in any emergency for her or her stuffed friends. How generous of her to share it with Derek......

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katy said...

That is so sweet. She is an empathetic child.