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Friday, July 31, 2009

Potty Training Day 2 - Inspiration from The Captain

Day 2 of potty training and it has been a test for both of us. My creativity is coming out, I decided to solicit a little help from her favorite New York Yankee Player Derek Jeter. I have a life size stand up picture of him and my daughter has never seen it, so I decided to pull it out and tell my daughter that Derek Jeter, The Captain of the New York Yankees was proud of her and to keep it up! She absolutely loved that and now has to have him in her room, I must say when I had him out, I forgot he was there and jumped when I turned the corner to see him. Can't imagine she wants this figure in her room in front of her bed, waking up seeing him.

So how did it go? Two accidents, no surprise, one being in her new bathing suit which she was upset about. I knew she had to go and we had just sat on the potty for 15 minutes, she even told me she was not done several times when I asked her. She still does not tell me though, I have to work on a two hour potty schedule. I have also added an extra incentive, mini marshmallows. She gets one for pee and two for....well.....you know. The stickers can only do so much as an incentive. I am not discouraged and will not give up on this! If I could only get Derek Jeter to call her...maybe she will listen to him!!!

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