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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rock wall update - The home stretch

We finished building the wall and the seat, and my husband used the tractor to fill it in with dirt and compost. Now I have to spread it out, water it down and clean up the cement off of the wall. Thank goodness I had the help of my father-in-law who has built many walls. What should have been about an hour took about 6 hours due to rebuilding a side to make the seat level. It is sloped to the topography of the land which makes one side of the wall higher than the other. Then I just have to figure out what I will plant in it, that will probably take longer than the wall!

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An English Shepherd said...

Great looking wall did you know that Winston Churchill also built walls?

He built them at Chartwell where he lived.

Wizz :-)

The LeBlancs said...

Looks great!

Michele Horne said...

The wall looks great, very professional. I have tried to build a few and they never came out nearly this nice. Congratulations.