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Friday, July 10, 2009

See you soon....

It has been the rookies contribution on the Yankees that have energized the team and played good hard baseball. Don't get me wrong, the everyday players have contributed but the players that could be sent down are there to show what they have and so appreciate their time. This can be seen with Francisco Cervelli, the backup catcher while Molina and Posada were on the DL. Now that Molina will be back to play, Cervelli has to be sent down and will truly be missed. He has the speed, the bat power and flexibility(you have to watch him catch to understand that one) that was needed by the team and always was jazzed up during a game. He loved being there and soaked in every moment.
Kim Jones wrote a short article about his departure, very good and also very sad. Sad because I can see where he would be an emotional person leaving and saying goodbye to what he said was the best couple of months in baseball he has had. I can see where he loved catching Mariano and how much respect he has for him. As much as I do not want to see him go, I know he is the future of the Yankees, and will be ready to be called up at any moment of need. It is almost a feeling of security to know we have him, since Posada and Molina are both prone to injury and they do not have much left on their contracts.
So as hard as it is to say goodbye to Francisco Cervelli, I think I will just say "See you soon".

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