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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The yellow rose of Connecticut?

Were you expecting Texas? This yellow rose was a surprise since my husband bought the rose bush two years ago from Walmart, not knowing what color it was and was not even sure if it was going to even grow! Well this year it decided to send out two flower buds and what a surprise to find out it was a large yellow rose, a color I do not have!

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mannequin said...

What a nice surprise! Good things come to those who wait, hnh? What a lovely addition to your garden. Nice husband.

East Coast Wahine said...

I agree, what a nice surprise! I love yellow flowers!

The LeBlancs said...

Robin, now that you have the new camera, you should do Project 365 - a photo a day for a year. With all of your plants and flowers, you will never run out of things to photograph and as a bonus, you'll learn a lot about your camera and all of the different settings. Check out the albums on my blog if you are interested.