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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dragon flies are not sewing needles

As a child, I was afraid of dragon flies. I remember we use to call them "sewing needles" and that they could sew your mouth up! Who knows where I picked that up from, silly! Now I am making sure I point out to my daughter all of the fun things about wild life. When I happened upon this dragon fly resting on the ferns, took the opportunity to let her see one up close. More colorful up close than watching them fly in the air. Like everything else new to her, she thought it was very neat!

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An English Shepherd said...

Another great picture

Wizz :-)

kailani said...

We don't see too many dragonflies but this one looks amazing up close!

mannequin said...

"they could sew your mouth up" .... how funny! Come to think of it, they DO sorta look like they have that capability....
I try to do the same; not pass on my childhood fears to my child. It takes a pretty brave mom to encounter a sewing bug or like me, drive over a bridge while smiling.