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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another season with Dancing with the Stars

I totally forgot another season started last night with Dancing with the Stars, the one reality show I enjoy watching! I am amazed at the diversity of the stars dancing this season, of course they always seem to sign up a football player. This season it is Micheal Irvin, who certainly does not have the moves or charisma like the past football players on the dance floor. I am predicting that he will be let go early on. You never know....his competitiveness may come on quickly!
Who are the stars that I am excited about? Donny Osmand, who wouldn't be excited about him! He has the excitement, energy and appeal the show always gets from one dancer. The other stars that I am also waiting to see come out is Louie Vito and Chuck Liddell. Both have the ability with their personality.
With the men showcased last night, the women are up tonight. Let's see who has it and who needs to work a little harder.

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