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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Bubbly Bar by Maria Hunt

So obviously from the name of my blog you can understand that I like Champagne. Even more so, I am not a big drinker, I can only drink Miller High Life(huh...Champagne of beers) and cocktails are limited for me. I live by this quote from Gigi "The night they invented champagne....as plain is is can be.....they thought of you and me...".

I was given an opportunity to check out a new book, The Bubbly Bar:Champagne and Sparkling Wine Cocktails for Every Occasion which I thought was a great opportunity to try out some new drink recipes using the one ingredient I love...champagne! Sure I have had a Bellini but knew of no other recipes. This calls for a little research.

Looking at the cover, the book looks inviting. I am already to dive into a new drink, splurge a little on a Friday night relaxing outside overlooking the back forty. She starts off explaining what the basics needs are in your liquor cabinet and what tools you should have. I was already set in most of the essentials department so onward to the recipes.
The recipes were broken down into categories, then a guide to Champagne and sparkling wines and resources. The first category group set the precedent for the book with was "The Classics". History, timeless taste and why they are classics, this was what many people know and love about these recipes. What I like was a little extra info about the cocktail, it's history, or how it came about. A great example is the Killing Me Softly modified from the original cocktail developed by Ernest Hemingway called Death in the Afternoon. This cocktail had the ingredient of Absinthe.....which is now legal again in the United States after having a bad wrap for over 90 years. Hemingway's version is potent but this version is much smoother.
Want something more fruity? I tend to go for a more fruitful drink which is exactly what the Lychee Love made with the sweet Lychee fruit, ginger and lemongrass. Having lived in Maui, I would have loved to tired this one on island time!
The recipes are are wonderful in this book, but the extra tidbits of information the author gives out is was also grabbed me. How to say "Cheers" in several different languages and what the true translation is. Tips on how to make cocktails, how to keep your bubbly to last longer and more. The layout is great, pictures that draw you in to wanting a sip. My plan......to try every single recipe in this book to find my new cocktail of choice. Check out The Bubbly Bar and see what you would like to call out as your favorite champagne or bubbly wine cocktail and check out her website at TheBubblyGirl.com for more info.

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Maria Hunt said...

Hi Robin:

Thanks so much for taking time to check out The Bubbly Bar. I'm glad you like it. Hope you'll report back on your favorite drink! Your blog is super-cute and... bubbly!

Maria aka The Bubbly Girl