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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's salty, it's sweet.....

What was the number one selling fair item this year in the mid west? It was not deep fried Twinkies but chocolate covered bacon. My Republican Town Committee needed a fundraising item to sell at the fair last week and in searching on the web this is what we found. It was not done by anyone else at the fair and why not introduce it to the East Coast. We made A LOT of this.....and had a lot left over.

The end result, it was a hard sell, people were more curious and we found that we had to talk them over to try it. Majority said it was not bad.....that was true. It is all about the salty/sweet combination. Using good semi-sweet chocolate and extra thick bacon fried crisp. In the end, we did make some money and covered the cost but it was a lot of manual labor. We we do it again? Not sure.....maybe the second year people might be looking for it! Then again...maybe not.

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