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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Maine vacation - Not the start we needed

I am sure many of you who have children have them attached to something that if you left somewhere, you would have to go back to get it and know that you would have an unhappy little person on your hands. This is exactly how our vacation started out, and could have been much worse than what it was!
The first day my daughter and I drove to Manchester, NH to meet up with my husband later at a hotel, kind of a mid-point to our drive up to Maine. My daughter and I stopped at the Budweiser Brewery in Merrimack, NH and took the tour, photos to come. Then we went to the hotel where we checked in, went to the pool and ate dinner in the room. Tat night, there were some severe thunderstorms so my husband did not make it in until around 2:30am, late night and we were up early ready to go on the road. Packed the car, checked out and on the road by 9:00am. About an hour and a half into the trip, my daughter was asking for her fluffy baby blanket, the ONE thing she clings to, attached to and brings to sleep with. Well....can you guess where it was not? I immediately called the Hotel to have them get it, what did I get? They stated it was not there!!!! What? Maybe it was packed in the car somewhere we could not see. We got to LL Bean where my daughter and I went in and my husband ripped apart the car looking for the blanket. I met up with him inside and he broke the bad news and of course I had to break it to my daughter. I told her we left it at the hotel and they could not find it. Her answer to me was "That's o.k. mom, we can go and pick it up." Mmmmm.....not going to happen. You would think LL Bean had some sort of kids fleece blanket to get, nope. What do we do now? We walked into sporting goods and my husband found the sleeping bags, they happened to have fleece zip sleeping bags printed with a fun pattern of fish, frogs and dragon flies. Winner! We took it and ran, thank goodness she slept in it the whole vacation and loved the concept. I love the fact she can grow with it and not targeted with kiddy print on it.
We still got the occasional question of where is my blanket and I called the hotel every couple of days looking for it. Bottom line, the hotel did not help me. A Marriott hotel chain, which I am writing a letter to them this week.
My suggestion to you for going on a trip and possibilities of this happening, have a back up plan!

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