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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maine vacation - A week in review

Last week we went on vacation to Maine. I plan on posting some pictures but I thought I would post a few notes about the time in Maine.
First of all, I have had enough lobster to satisfy me until next year! The prices were around $3.99 a pound, it was cheaper to buy lobster than a good steak! So...we did just that and ate lobster three times in 7 days. What I actually thought was better was left over lobster, after I picked the heads clean, making lobster sandwiches the next day. A little bit easier on the stomach without the butter involved.
Blueberries were extremely disappointing! All of the previous years we were able to buy some on the way up and also at Moosehead State Park, you can pick up to two quarts for free! I case you did not know, wild Maine blueberries are not like the bush blueberries we have. You basically have something the size of a pea or smaller and it is a ground cover. Whether it was the weather this year or just late, the blueberries were pretty much done. We went to the park and I picked a cup of them, made pancakes the next morning. That was it for the Maine blueberry. Very very disappointing.
Where we go on vacation is way down east Maine, population......not many. The town near it is an Indian Reservation located right on the lake. This is our third year going here and every time I drive by, I catch myself shaking my head disappointment. The house are cinder block houses with open lean to garages, right on the lake. Looks like a cookie cutter just pressed them out one by one. This is not the problem. The problem is they look completely dilapidated, falling apart, garbage in yards and no upkeep of the lawns. Then you have the teens wandering the streets, smoking cigarettes with nothing to do. But wait.....you then get to what looks to be their meeting hall, a big, posh building with grounds around it manicured perfectly. So they take pride in the meeting hall but not their homes? Where are the youth programs to get them off the street and involved in there community?
Then there was the incident where there was a teenage mom talking to her 3 year old son using all sorts of expletives just to give him a reason why he should not eat candy. How about just saying that candy is not good for your teeth?
If this sounds like I did not have a good vacation, I do not mean to give that impression. We had a great vacation and I watched my daughter grow up right in front of me.

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