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Friday, October 23, 2009

Candy and holidays

They seem to go hand in hand here. I am seeing it more as a parent than ever before. Halloween candy, Christmas candy, Easter Candy, Valentine's Day candy....surprised there is no 4th of July candy or Labor Day candy. They obviously have not marketed or advertised those well just yet, I am sure they are constantly trying to figure out how to do so. "They" being the candy manufacturer's of course.
I am bringing this subject up again since as a parent I am not happy about how people seem to think it is o.k. to give children as young as 2 years old candy and not think twice of why it is bad for them. I know this is just the beginning for when my daughter goes to public school and is involved with sharing food or offered to what ever is brought in to the class room. Right now, there really needs to be a precedent set early for healthy eating habits. This can only help giving them the power to make better decisions in eating and why. To me, nursery school is not only a fun time for children but also reinforcement of good habits. I can see this will be a mission for me on the next two years serving the board at this co-op.
Got any good candy, junk food or how you have dealt with this situation? Would love to hear it! We already have the Twinkie episode listed below, which would enrage me also!

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Michele Horne said...

So I was reading along, got to the last sentence and thought, "Oh my God, she had a Twinkie episode too!" Ahahah. Thanks for the link, I am interested to see if you readers have any good ideas.

katy said...

I don't know if this is widespread, but my town has a parade on Labor Day and the people in the parade throw candy to the children watching the parade.