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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is this necessary?

Yesterday I picked up my daughter from Nursery school and found another surprise in her cubby. It was a craft project they did stringing Lifesavers and Fruit Loops on a piece of yarn. I understand that they wanted to work with co-ordination and the concept but do not understand why they used the candy! This candy can be a choking hazard for a young child and again I had to explain to my daughter why she could not have it. Another introduction of a candy item at her school in which she s not able to have. I am sure there are other items that could have been used. Another addition to a delicate subject that will be talked about in the next meeting. Can't wait to see what the Halloween party will bring!

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Michele Horne said...

It will be like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Halloween.

katy said...

They could have used Cheerios.