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Saturday, November 21, 2009

An afternoon in the compost pile

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful weather! I could not resist working outside so my daughter and I decided to spend some time in the compost pile.
I know what you might be thinking......not that fun, smelly, not your first choice to spend a sunny afternoon in. This was the only project that I had besides leaves and I can't seem to start the leaf blower. I know my husband was probably going to be covering up the compost pile with more leaves over the weekend so I needed to get as much black gold out of there!
The beginning of the week I cleaned all of the asparagus beds and phase two is covering them with some compost. My daughter and I shoveled 6 wheel barrels worth of compost, spread them on all of the asparagus beds and also on some of the baby trees planted near by. Domino, the hunter kitty of the house seemed to like the activity and ended up laying on top of the compost pile watching us. Not my choice of a comfortable spot but the sun was there and it was a good view of the activity. I would have taken a picture bu my hands were pretty dirty from the dirt....

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