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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Day Recap

Yesterday was an important day to send a message. If you are not happy with how your town is governed, you have to let them know and voting essential! Many residents have been very unhappy with the state of our town and the results of the election proved this point. This was the most exciting and challenging election we have had since I have lived here. We worked together as a united group having the same goal; to elected our group of candidates into office and we did it! It was not a year of who can we stick in this position just to fill the seat or no one having interest in running. These are all qualified candidates who have a vested interest in their town and want to make a difference. I have to say I fell in love with my town again. I ran for two positions in town, Town Treasurer and Zoning Board of Appeals, against two candidates who are very well known in town, well liked and respected. I only have gratitude for them and the time they have invested to these positions. Yesterday, I won both seats and today I find myself excited, nervous and content with the work that we gave to get not only me but all of us to this point.
What did we do to get us to this point? We worked for it, not one person but all of us. From fundraising efforts by selling chocolate covered bacon, walking door-to-door, giving up our homes to organizing and meetings, donating time to be available to meet us as candidates, showing our faces as much as possible. It was not about one person but all as a united front. That is what made us successful. Sure we lost a small handful of seats but they we not lost by much and the message was sent to those candidates load and clear, you do not assume you get thee seats handed to you every election, there is no entitlement. It is a privilege and an honor to serve your community and do not take it for granted.
Tuesday I spent almost all day standing in front of the polls greeting people. I did not ask them to vote for me, I know the brochures went out to everyone in town and I had my badge on stating who I was and what I was running for. Instead I chose to just say "Thank you for coming out to vote today!". Taking the time out of a busy schedule that we all have, making a choice and exercising your right which many do not have around the world. Out of all the people I stated this to, only one person gave me a snide remark, telling me I was harassing her and it should be illegal for me to be here. I know you can't please everyone and maybe she was just having a bad day. She also might not realize she is lucky she is able to speak her mind and to vote on who she wants.
My daughter asked me what voting was about since she saw me going to all sorts of meetings, standing outside the voting area and hearing all of the talk. The simplest way to give her the answer was classic.....freedom of choice. "What's choice?" she asked, good question. "I have grapes and I have apples for you to have for a snack, which would you like to have today?", she replied "Grapes because I love grapes". That is making a choice on how you feel. She understood in the simplest terms.
I encourage everyone to give back to your community in some way, teach our children about the process and not everything is handed to them easily, stay true to your beliefs and listen to others.

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