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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Election in question

The state of Connecticut changed over last year from the old ballot machines to the new scanner machines to bring the state up in technology, accuracy and accountability. I among many other liked the old ballot machines due to the fact you could not get any more accurate than pushing a lever down to cast your vote. Now we have fill in the circle which brings in a lot of question on voter intention if they did not fill out the ballot correct. The scanner scans the ballot to what it thinks is correct, meaning some votes can be missed if the oval is not filled in such as using an "x" in the oval. It does not matter how many times you tell the voter to ensure accuracy, it is up to the voter to fill it in correctly. So what happens when there is a close results for a particular seat? There has to be a recount with both parties represented from the election, the Moderator and agreement on each ballot of what the voter intention was. This is a state law and should be known by the Moderator, Town Clerk(who files the results) and the Registrar of voters for either party. Now that I have given you a mini lesson in voting a recount, let me fill you in on what has happened in the town I live in.
All of the above happened in the last election, a seat on the Board of Education was claimed to be a recount with the Democratic candidate winning by one vote on Election Day. The recount was done officially according to state law and the count was changed where the Republican won by one vote. Two days later after the recount, the Town Clerk(D) and the Moderator(D) decided to take the keys from the Democratic Registrar and open the sealed ballots, recount and change the official recount to a tie vote due to they felt there was an error. Sealed the ballots back up, changed the number and faxed it in to the Secretary of State. A new election has been declared for the seat next Tuesday. There was no representation of the Republican party and did what they said "was nothing wrong". Do you see what was wrong here? This is how easy it is to play with the hand chosen ballots! An abuse of power, pompous attitude that they were within their right to do so and did nothing wrong and a waste of taxpayers money for another election to be held. This story went to the local news today, see the link here but the newspaper story is incorrect also! The Republicans are filing a report with the Secretary of State today for an investigation. Not the "chad" incident but darn close!

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