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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Graham Cracker Conspiracy

Whether the box says Nabisco, Keebler or a generic label, I think there is a secret agreement with all on how graham crackers are packaged.
I know I must not be the only one who has thought about this. Graham crackers are packaged in three clear or wax paper like packaging that is not resealable. When I make a pie that calls for a graham cracker crust, I will generally use a whole pack of crackers. To take one as a snack is another story. You need to put them in a zip lock to ensure freshness. Then there is that one person in the house that will open up the graham crackers to have one and put them back in the box, not using a zip lock bag. It just takes one day for the graham crackers to get soft. I am not fond of the taste of soft graham crackers. It is a waste and I end up throwing them out. How hard is it for the manufacturers to package these in something you can keep fresh? Fig newton manufacturers got the idea, it use to be the same for this product. Or do the manufacturers for graham crackers have an agreement with the zip lock bag manufacturers? Just one of those little pet peeves I have.......like shaving cream cans that leave rust marks on your tub or sink! That subject I will save for another day!

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