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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pine cone popsicles

I had two little girls wanting to do an art project on a yucky day. What I came up with was an hours worth of fun, pine cones filled with peanut butter and rolled in seeds.
I had the girls gather the pine cones they wanted to use. I put cracked corn, oatmeal and bird seed on three paper plates for rolling. I had a large jar of Jif extra chunky peanut butter(one I do not eat since it is not all natural) and put in all in a bowl for them to scoop up and fill all between the cones. They thought this was such fun getting messy and playing with peanut butter. Then they rolled and patted each one with all of the different seeds. The end result is a snack for the birds(or squirrels) which we put in the freezer when ready to use. The mess was minimal, even in the kitchen. This is an ideal project for outside. Tie some ribbon or yarn and hang it from a tree or give them as a gift.

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