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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Cake

My daughter wanted a Derek Jeter party for her 3rd birthday so I had to be creative with the cake. I while back when I was working, I had gotten a stadium cake mold. Several years later socked away, I pulled it out and managed to make a Yankee stadium out of it. I was worried that I would not have enough cake for 18 people, so I baked a chocolate sheet cake to maybe do a Yankee jersey. Well that was not meant to be, my dog the bight before proceeded to eat half the sheet cake off of the table, alone for one minute and she took complete advantage! I had to make another sheet cake and did it later that night. Turns out I did not need it and used part of the sheet cake for the base of the stadium to raise it up. Made swiss buttercream frosting and managed to make it look a little ornate along with green grass on the field. This cake was being frosted an hour prior to the party so it was as good as I could get!

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1 comment:

An English Shepherd said...

That is the trouble with us dogs we do have the habbit of eatinf stuff when you pop out the room!

Nice cake :-)