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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KY Derby Barbi....forget it!

Strolling around in Walmart yesterday to pick up my Christmas cards I happened upon the so called "clearance" section. No roll backs anymore here, so I had to look. My daughter just got her first Barbi for her birthday, I'm o.k. with it since it was Birthday Barbi in a nice fun dress, although the high heels are a little much unless she is going out to do her work at night! Anyway, my daughter of course now likes Barbi and she comes everywhere. I was thinking maybe there was some accessory or clothes in the clearance section....nope. But what I did find was KY Derby Barbi, a special edition Barbi which had a hat and a flower dress, very nice. No price on her so I carried her around until we came to a scanner. In scanning her I was taken back at the "clearance" price of $47.56!!!! So now I had to go over to the Barbi section and see what the non-clearance prices were........$80!!!!! For a Barbi, that is completely ridiculous! Needless to say she can go back to KY and enjoy the Derby without my daughter.

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katy said...

Wow! I never would have guessed. I haven't priced Barbies in awhile.

Maureen said...

I think that "regular" barbies are pretty inexpensive - under $12. But if you get any sort of "special" barbie, you pay a serious premium. I see no need for special barbies, believe me!