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Friday, December 18, 2009

Tales of the Town Treasurer

I thought I might fill you in on my first month as the Town Treasurer.

It took a while but I finally received a computer to start tracking information, communication and search capabilities. I am still catching up in entering all of the account information which I am hoping to finish in the new year. Sure if I was there 5 days a week for the past month I could have gotten it all done but I am limited to Tuesday/Thursday. The pay rate also keeps me from spending too much time there!

What have I found so far? The Finance Manager that I work with is very organized, thorough, helpful and has a lot on her plate! I know she is happy I am there to help out and back her up, not to mention take on a few projects and push some key points that needed to be done. The one big project I have taken on is with the Land Use Office and driveway bonds. We have some dating back to the 1980's! What are driveway bonds you might ask? When you put in a driveway to your house, you have to install an apron(small paved portion) which connects the driveway to the town road. This apron has to be inspected by the the Land Use Office to ensure it is done properly and does not effect the town road. A bond deposit is given to ensure the apron is done and once inspected it is given back to the homeowner. For larger projects such as sub-divisions, the bond is much larger due to building roads and driveways. Well the office is a little backed up from not inspecting the aprons, a change of employees in the office and lack of time. The money is not the towns but the homeowners. I have reached out to the office to try and get the money back to the homeowners and clean up the account. The challenge is also finding the original payees since some have moved, may be a contractor or the business is no longer. This project takes time and within a month, we have already pushed out 20% of the bonds we have held. That to me is a big accomplishment! Some people were very surprised that they had money coming to them, an early Christmas present. Just by doing this project, I have felt I already felt I justified my position.

More Tales of the Town Treasurer coming after the holidays!

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An English Shepherd said...

How great that you have been able to give some early Chrismas presents!

Wizz :-)

katy said...

You have accomplished a lot in a month's time. That's great that the money is getting back to the people with whom it belongs.