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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Park City Mountain Resort

My daughter recently turned two last year and I love how she is thrilled with going out to play in the snow. Her first time on a sled was probably the most fun I have seen with her. this thrill just makes me more excited for the prospect of her trying out skiing next winter, something I never took up but would love to see my daughter try. This opens up a whole new world of vacations for us as a family, looking for the fun and family friendly atmosphere. Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah has that atmosphere and a little something for everyone.

To me, many resorts cater to only skiing, no other activities available, giving you the feeling that you cannot be a beginner on skis. What I loved about Park City Mountain Resort is there is something for all levels. Their Kids Signature 5 program seems to set the standard for ages 6-14, offering classes no more than 5 kids per group and ranging from beginners to experts. Then of course I love the Signature 3 Program which is offered to ages 3.5 to 5, right in my daughters age range. This program is 3 students per instructor ensuring plenty of personal attention! For the adults, there are plenty of

For people like me who do not ski, there is plenty to do. You can be adventurous and ride the Alpine Coaster that allows a different view descending 4000 feet down the mountain. For me, I love the ice skating, snowmobiling and sleigh rides offered. Park City Mountain Resort is located in Historic Park City, which has over 100 restaurants and bars, along with a convenient bus system to take you to and from places.

Check out "The Adventure" Blog and read up on some great info from Moms who have visited Park City Mountain Resort. there are some great tips on lower cost options for dining out, what to pack, or just the inside on what other people have to say about this resort. Right now at the blog, there is a drawing for a drawing for a Family Winter Vacation for four (two adults and two kids, 12 and under) to Park City, Utah, including 3-nights lodging, 4-days of lift tickets and ski/snowboard school for the kids. What a way to start out a vacation!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

My Dole Parfait Moment

Yup, everyone needs a moment to themselves. In fact, I often catch myself telling my daughter "Give me a moment" for something as simple as pouring myself a cup of coffee in the morning!

Dole is having a contest right now, the "DOLE Fruit Parfait Sweet Retreat Contest" where you take a picture of your DOLE Parfait Moment at home, at work, at play, with your friends or on-the-go. Upload your photo and caption to http://www.dolesweetretreat.com/ and have six different ways to win. What's the Grand Prize?

  • The Grand Prize is a three day/ two night luxury Spa Retreat Getaway for two at the 27-acre Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ., set amidst flowering cactus and framed against the majestic McDowell Mountains. Here, breathtaking desert vistas blend with intriguing Native American culture and pampering amenities. The prize includes airfare, accommodations, $500 gift certificate to the Avania Spa, a one-of-a-kind, holistic, total-immersion experience that is synchronized with the body's changing rhythms and requirements. Also included in the prize is a $750 VISA gift card to cover your meals and other hotel amenities you feel like taking advantage of including, championship golf, water playground or tennis.
  • Five First Prize winners will receive a Homedics Personal Massage Lounger valued at $100 to have a relaxing moment anytime in their home.

Dole Fruit Parfaits are new and come in 4 different varieties: Peaches & Crème Parfait, Pineapple & Crème Parfait, Apples & Crème Parfait and Mandarins & Crème Parfait.

My Dole Fruit Parfait Moment was watching my daughter toss snow in the air while I lounged on the tube waiting for the next ride down the hill! Visit, enter or vote at the DOLE Fruit Parfait Sweet Retreat Contest!

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Champagne Food Friday

We are booked every weekend through the first week of February for Birthday Parties. Who does not love cake!

Our recent Birthday party was Bugaboo Girl's Cousin's 6th Birthday Cake, a dragon. His Aunt made it, and she did a great job! She also made chocolate cupcakes in a tier to resemble a volcano, very creative! Who says you need to go out and buy cakes for birthdays, there are plenty ideas out there on the WWW for party cakes and also some great kids cake books that make it as easy as possible.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Record cold for me......

I know I have never seen it so cold in the 9 years I have lived here, yes negative 10 without any windchill! My poor Border Collie Hana had to do a quick squat at pee, too long out side and her back legs start to seize up, limping around in pain. Only seems to happen when it is below zero in temperature.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Down to business

Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent(also unaffiliated), you could not help being caught up in yesterdays festivities. It is such a historic moment for our country and this is our political process, something that everyone should be a part of.

I had Tiny Trotters with my daughter in the morning and we got home about 11:30am. Turned on the TV and caught some of the speakers but was glad I was able to catch the swearing in. Even though my daughter is 2, I pointed out to her what was happening on TV, knowing it was limited understanding but I could tell her later in life more about what she saw. Then she ready ready for her nap! In the swearing in, her may have gotten the words mixed up, that shows to me he is only human as much as we are.

The speech was no surprise to me, a lot of "we will" and "we can", careful on the promises since it is congress that he has to work with and that is the biggest challenge! I do feel it will be not as simple as he makes it to be, but we shall see. Nothing is free and government cannot do it all, which he did also point out. Wait a minute......that is not the Democrat way? Hmmmmm.....

The parade walk to the White House was good, of course I felt a little nervous seeing them walk outside their car, I know I was not the only one since my girl friend Suzanne said the same to me on the phone. Relief when their arrival to the White House came and happy to hear there were NO arrests in the whole day!

Finally, the wardrobe for the family was probably the best I have seen in a long time. Her dress and coat outfit was very nice, although did not look warm enough to be outside in. Her gown was stunning, love that it was a young American Designer, 26 years old. As for the kids coats being J Crew, someone a that company dropped the ball there! Designed only for them, once mention on TV, their web site was flooded looking for the coats and eventually crashed! Hopefully that company was not in the red for sales, they could have pulled out in one day of they had it available! Now, they really cannot get the momentum back, J Crew missed the boat!

today it is down to business, let's see what first moves he makes and the next months bring us in his political agenda.

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Wordless Wednesday

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! I cannot remember the last time we had so many snow storms in such a short period of time! Looks like we will be calm for at least a week!
Wordless Wednesday is sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Healthy Living with Healthy Ideas

I have posted about my New Year's resolutions and how I am taking small steps in order to keep my resolutions going. As always, I over indulge on the holidays, eat on the go and seem to have no restraint to all of the cakes and cookies from Thanksgiving through New Years. Of course it has extended for my with two baby showers and a few birthdays being thrown in the first month of the new year! Since I am taking my resolutions one month at a time, making healthier eating choices is top on my list.

Where does healthier start? At the grocery store. I failed to mention that our IGA we have shopped at and in our town for 37 years closed a week ago and now I am traveling a little father to our closest Stop & Shop to pick up my groceries. This requires me to be extra prepared when going to the store and not making those quick trips out because I forgot something or feel like picking something up on a spur of the moment. I know sometimes we think an item is healthy, but is actually not since it may be lacking the nutrients needed. Stop & Shop has given a little help in this guess work by introducing a very nice program called Healthy Ideas. The Healthy Ideas symbol is placed next to a product letting you know that it is foods that have less fat, saturated fat and sodium. It also helps to ensure that the foods we select include a healthful amount of at least one nutrient, such as fiber, whole grains, calcium and minerals. This is a great feature to their store as a tool for what is good for you and your family. I like the fact that the development and research corresponds to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the USDA Food Pyramid (Mypyramid.gov) and the USDA/FDA's definition of healthy as a basis for its foundation. For busy moms, this certainly takes the guess work out having to read every label on an item you pick up to see if it a healthy choice!

This review was wriiten for Mom Central.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Felted Handbag craze

I am going to start posting my knitting projects on Mondays, fitting since that is when I meet with my knitting group! Right now I am on a felted craze so here is my latest handbag. Purple and lavender are my favorite colors so this bag is appealing to me. I made it for a short shoulder bag and giving it as a gift of course.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's raining...actually showers two days in a row!

I am fortunate to have my sister-in-law and my girl friend both pregnant and within tow weeks due of each other in March.

My sister-in-law, Aunty Deb, is having her first baby, a girl. She has had a tricky pregnancy but is on the downward slide now and really could go anytime now. My other sister-in-law, Aunty Melissa(Buagboo Girl has now gotten out of not pronouncing the "l" in her name) and I are planning her baby shower this month, going out shopping for the preparations today. We expect at least 30 plus people for this shower.

Then I had the idea I would be giving my friend Suzanne a baby shower. This is her second child on the way, no idea of the babies sex. Much of her family is spread around an not very close by. So we will be having a few people, probably 6 plus a few kids. So when is this shower? Only the day after the other shower. Thankfully this one is at my house, unlike the other. I am hoping on some rollover of decorations and what ever else. I just got a Build a Bear cake pan from my mother-in-law for Christmas so I am going to attempt to make this cake. I will post some fun pictures and of course all of the food related to both events!

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