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Saturday, March 14, 2009


My oldest friend and Sister-in-law had her baby girl, 8 pounds 13 oz! She is perfect and cannot wait for my daughter and her to get into mischief! Just a little side note, she was born on my grandmother's birthday who just turned 92, she thought that was a great gift since she has known my Sister-in-law as long as me!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Florida Vacation Part One

Here are a few pictures of our long weekend vacation in Florida, starting out with a New York Yankee Spring Training Game. Due to the WBC going on at the same time, there were about 5 major players missing, one being Derek Jeter which my daughter wanted to see. Oh well, she will have to wait until the regular season. The George M. Steinbrenner Stadium was great, every seat was a good seat, or a $350 seat at the new stadium in the Bronx.....hmmm. The weather was perfect, 80's, sunny and we were seated in the shade.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dodd is vulnerable

It is time for a change and Dodd's time is up. Sen. Chris Dodd's 5th term ends next year and he has completely lost touch with the CT voters. Two points stick out in my mind that may have turned the tide for his re-election. One is his property in Iowa, spending time out there and not much time here. Believe me, he lives less than 5 miles away from my home and I hardly see him around! The other is the Countrywide investigation when he refinanced both properties. How convenient of him since he is Chairman of the Senate Banking committee.
A recent Quinnipiac poll came out giving a hypothetical match up between Rob Simmons and Senator Dodd, Simmons coming out with 43% and Dodd 42%, that's if they ran today and as we know a lot can happen in the up coming months. Dodd knows he is not doing well here in CT as he is running PR adds to boost his looks and show everyone what he has done so far in this current administration.
You can read more of the article here and here, I am sorry one of them is the Hartford Courant, a newspaper I do not like and will be canceling today!

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Where is the Stimulus money going in your state?

Do you know where the Stimulus money is going in the state and even town you live in? Check out Stimulus Watch and take a peak at how many projects in your state, what towns are receiving the money, the projects and the the cost. It may surprise you at what YOU are paying for.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Omnibus Bill gets passed

On vacation I found myself being able to take time to read a newspaper, front to back, something I do not seem to get to do on a normal day. Not to mention I cannot stand our local newspaper and plan on canceling it this week! I do not want to pay $0.72 a week for Thursday - Sunday, even if I use it to help start my wood stove. The content is horrible and is a waste of print. Most of my news comes from searching on line, but I am going to start to get the NY Times Sunday edition. They had a pretty good article on the new RNC Chairman this past Sunday, check it out and see if you think he will be steering the party in a direction that will move Republicans forward.
I was hoping the Omnibus Bill would be stalled in the Senate, the 8000 plus earmarks of pet projects Obama stated he would not allow during his campaign promising he would go line by line to make sure it is not business as usual. Well it passed and he will be signing it as quick as possible, more debt for future generations to come and business as usual. You can read more of the story here.

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A Mini Vacation

Just so you know, we went on a mini vacation, an extended weekend away to Tampa for a Spring Training NYY game and stayed in Clearwater. The weather was amazing and my daughter was exhausted every night after we would spend several hours at the beach then would go to the pool to finish off the day. Pictures to come as soon as I download them.
Today I have a very busy day starting with music class, open house for nursery school then go to an Irish music night at the library. Hopefully will get some posting in.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Current by Discover

In this time of economic crisis, credit crunch and loss of jobs, spending money wisely seems to be on every one's mind. This daily task may be common for parents but teens might need a little help with the concept. Discover has come out with a great way to introduce fiscal responsibility to your teen by introducing a debit card called Current.
Current is simple to use, monitor and maintain. Current by Discover Card puts moms in control by letting you set (daily, weekly, monthly) spending limits, block certain merchant categories (like ATMs and liquor stores) and track your teens spending online or through email and text message alerts. Plus, because it's a debit card product, the card stops working when the limit is reached without incurring any additional fees, which protects your teens from overspending. Teens are also eligible for Members only rewards and you as a parent get the reward of the Discover card Cashback bonus.
We all know it only takes one trip to the mall to spend all of the money given them, and then some. With Current, you provide them with a tool to promote good spending habits. Discover has also provided a few tips here on how to discuss as a family good spending habits, keeping them out of the credit card crisis and you also! I love the fact you they learn how to use a charge/debit card responsibly, giving lessons learned for life!
This review was written for Mom Central.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Knits

This is a time to finish a few projects that are just hanging over my head. I have been working on this Aran Christmas stocking for over a year and I hope to finish it in about two weeks. I know I have been procrastinating on it because I am not a fan of double pointed needles!

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

More unwanted visitors

Even though my feeder is squirrel proof, they still attempt to get any seed that has fallen on the bottom of the tray. I have to go out side with the broom and scare them off or let my dog take a go at scaring them, she like most dogs hate squirrels. I cannot even say the word in my house, if she hears it she goes crazy. So I have to call the furry rodents. Domino cannot wait to have a go at one.

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