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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My new Kiva loan

I cannot say enough good about Kiva. It is the hardest working money I have every donated, right now I am up to 9 loans with 5 paid back, two in the process and two new loans I get to make. this is my latest loan I chose.

Salome was born in Gaza and is 44 years old. She is single and the mother of 2 daughters who are 22 and 24 years old. Neither of her children are in school. Salome went to school until the 4th grade under the old system because the school where she attended only offered up to that level of classes. Then her professor alleged that he was going to arrange a vacancy for her at another school, and he abused her and got her pregnant. As such he forced her to abort the pregnancy. Salome became desperate with her situation, her mother kicked her out of the house, and she left Gaza for Namaacha, a town on the border of Swaziland, searching for work with her friend. Having arrived in Namaacha she began working for the local government as a servant, but due to the illness of the chief she had to quit working because they discriminated against her in her sector of work. As the years passed Salome began working with plants and flowers of various species. She has a lot of skill with gardening, and she cultivates a beautiful garden at home. Today Salome is one of the most famous in the region, selling flowers even to people from the capital, and she earns approximately 8,000MT per month. Besides sales she also has contracts for gardening with the farm owners in the town. Each month she is only able to save on average 2,000MT because besides her 2 daughters she is also responsible for 4 grandchildren who live with her in her home. This is Salome's first loan with Hluvuku and with Kiva. The 15,000MT will be used to purchase agricultural supplies such as seeds and pesticides to improve her collection of flowers. She is confident that her business will improve and in this way she will pay off the loan without any problems. Of course, she counts on the help of her two daughters.
Stop by Kiva and take a look how you can make a contribution toward a better way of life for someone else.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

How to eat a cupcake

I know I posted this before but it warrants another posting. This month alone I will have 5 birthdays(including mine), hopefully all will have cupcakes and it started with my mother who's birthday was yesterday. My grandmother had cupcakes and added a candle to one singing 'Happy Birthday' while my daughter was all smiles with anticipation of helping Grandma Donna blow out the candle and eating a cupcake. So, what is the easiest and I think is the best way to eat a cupcake? Thanks to Aunty Deb who gave me this tip she had learned, cut it in half and make a sandwich! this way you have frosting in the middle, yum!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

No pie - Part Three

Today is day three without the pacifier. She slept through the night without waking up, she probably slept better than me since my dog decided she needed to cram her body up against mine all night. My dog is not normally sleeping in bed with me, but she tries to take advantage of this when my husband is away. So every time I moved away from her, she moved closer.
When my daughter woke up this morning, she stated to me that she did not want to go to sleep at night. Must have been trauma from no pacifier. I thought there would be a problem with getting her to nap today, did not seem to be that bad. We were outside working and playing for most of the morning, I thought this may tire her out. When I put her down for a nap, she cried for only about 10 minutes and was out for tow hours.
As for going to bed tonight, we did the usual routine and she attempted to stall and get every stuffed animal she could into bed with her. There was no crying this time, only chattering like she does most of the time and went right to sleep. I think this is it, no more pie.

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What's your dream job?

Being a stay at home mom is a pretty cool job. Having worked since I was 16 years old and then just in the past two years dropping out of the work force, I find myself thinking about what would be my dream job if and when I will go back. Here are a few ideas, dream is the emphasis here. You never know, dreams often do come true.

  • Garden Designer
  • Work for the New York Yankees
  • Party coordinator
  • Own my own bird feed store(this has always been top of my list), not a pet store but wild bird

This is the narrowed down short list in no order. I figure I have another two years to make something happen, maybe the economy will turn a little by then. What is your dream job or do you already have one?

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What to do with 3.2 Million dollars - Part two

The Board of Finance met Wednesday night to announce that the 2 million dollars of monies held for the past 20 years will be put into a trust fund and both towns in our Regional District school system will choose what is to be done in terms of handling the money. I guess this is fair, and putting the dirty deed back on the towns to decide what to do. Let's see what the town will do now, in an election year no less.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No pie - Part Two

Night number tow and it was probably harder for me than for my daughter. Last night I tried not to give her the pacifier, figuring she would cry herself to sleep, hopefully not that long. Well I broke down, I cut the tip off of the pacifier and gave it to her, she knew immediately and was not happy, would not put it in her mouth and was on and off most of the night.
Tonight was a different story. She went all day today with no nap, I think the pacifier attributed to this and figured after we had dinner at my in-law's house, she would be tired. She had all of the signs, stating she wanted to take a nap, laying down on the floor, wanting to brush her teeth. When I was getting her PJ's on, she proceeds to tell me "I can make a new Pie mommy....." puts her finger to her cheek like she is thinking how "I would need some glitter, paper and sticky tape!" Love the fact that the glitter was first on the list. It was priceless and I knew this was not going to be easy.
Put her in bed, she took the pie, but as soon as I left, she started to complain. The crying started and lasted for 45 minutes. I went up to check on her, she was sitting up and sobbing, laid her down, gave her her favorite blanket and bunny which she then said sniffling and sobbing "I love you mommy", that is what got me. The item I gave to her to make her feel better and security, I was taking away. There seems to be no easy way and she did manage to throw away her spare one when she chewed on it. I knew this day would not be easy, I am hoping we are over the hump and gets better.

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Thomas & Friends Live!- A Circus Comes to Town

I can remember when my aunt took me to my first live show when I was around 8 years old. It was exciting, new and could not wait to see what it was all about, and this was going to the circus. I recently had the opportunity to receive some tickets for Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage:A Circus Comes to Town and was excited to the give the same opportunity to my cousin and his friend who are both crazy Thomas fans.

Thomas & Friends Live! was great, they LOVED it. We had seats on the left side of stage, off the floor, one row up ! The stage had a real Thomas train on a track, and there were 2 other trains but mostly it was Thomas. The Circus came to town, and it had a ballerina and a "Muscle man" who were the main characters along with Sir Topam Hat... Thomas had to get them to the circus, but it was a tough ride there! The music was wonder, kept all of the kids involved and into the show and the costumes were fun.

The show was 1 hour 10 min, which included a 15 min intermission. It seemed long for the parents but the time was not long at all for the kids, they wanted more! He was thrilled to briefly see Gordon and James, and wished there were more trains were on stage...but how many can you fit? We saw Fergus for a quick minute too, it was a cardboard cut-out character. It would be nice if they added more of those types of characters, more trains and less "unknown singing by the 2 main circus characters. The one request my cousin had was he wished there were the female train, it would have been the a highlight of the show.

Over all, it was a wonderful time had by all and the show kept the kids wanting more.

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What to do with 3.2 Million dollars

How would you feel if you found out that you have been over taxed for the past 20 years in your town and an elected board is holding on to the money? Well this is exact what is happening in my town and I am pretty sure that only about two dozen people know about this. So how did this happened?
The Board of Education was advised by auditors that they were to always have a safety fund of about 7-9% put aside, just in case they needed it for an emergency. No one questioned it, after all, this was an auditing firm whom the town paid for and they should know the rules and regulations. It wasn't until recently that someone on the board question this money that it all started to unravel. The school district is Regional District 17 of Connecticut and the board member analyzed the regulations pointing out that only town school systems, not Regional Districts are to have this money set aside. Basically it is illegal to be holding this money and has been done for 20 years. The money adds up to a little over 2 million dollars. To add a little more fuel to this fire, there is about 1.2 million dollars of not used funds. So here we have about 3.2 million dollars of excess funds. We already know it is illegal to hold the money so how will they give it back? Do you just write a check to the tow towns and say "here you go, lower your mill rate for one year and raise it back up the next"? Do they just tack it on to the next years school budget not asking as much money(this scares me)? Well the board seems to think they can hold on to it, again, even though it is illegal to do so, by putting it in a trust fund. They need to just give it up, pass it back to the towns and move on. Once the general public of both towns find this out, there will be a lot of questions raised. My first question is the fact the towns paid for these auditors to come in with the knowledge of what to do and how many other districts are doing the same? The state might need to make a few phone calls to the Regional Districts or even the town attorneys may need to warn the state about this mishap. Either way, it does not look good for the Board of Education and for the current administration running both towns. Like in most towns, the education budget is the largest chunk of the financial pie. We use to be a town that questioned everything and shot down the budget after 10 plus referendums. I would think in this time of financial concern, more people would want to know where their money is being spent. Amazing what you can learn about going to a Board of Education meeting.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No pie - Part One

I feel very bad right now. I am holding out on giving the pacifier(she calls it her pie) to my daughter to go to bed and she is asking for it and crying. I really think it is beyond the time she needs it and on our last vacation, she bit into the spare one which I managed to convince her to throw it away. This was the last one we had and I am attempting to break the habit while my husband is away. I had her chose what stuffed animal she wanted to bring to bed and have the sleep sheep on, but I am sure this is not going to be easy. Let's see how night number one goes.

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Spring project

I have a major spring project I will be taking on starting next week. A new walkway to my back door is much needed. It is to narrow, sunk into the ground in several spots which causes flooding and runs right up against the garden. During the winter time, when it gets plowed, ice builds up and is not the safest area to walk. My objective is to make it slightly further away from the garden, wider and have it also lead to a back patio. The back patio will be phase two. This will require a lot of labor work, and some help from my father-in-law who is good at working with stone.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

A haircut for the trees

My daughter all of the sudden became attached to the trees in our yard. We had a tree trimmer come in and do a major cleanup of our very large maples. My daughter got wind of this and started to be very possessive of the trees yelling "no mommy, my trees......they are my trees", proceeding to run up to a tree hugging it. I explained that the trees were not being cut down but just getting a hair cut to make the beautiful, did not seem to work. I might have a tree lover, or future environmentalists on my hands. The next day when they had already done most of the work, she looked out the door and proceeded to say "Oh mama....the trees look beautiful!" I guess the haircut theory worked.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

X-14 Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

What is the most used room in your home and sometimes the most neglected area? That would be the bathroom. The average home has 2.5 bathrooms with the master bath is used the most in a house. If the average family of five uses the master bath shower at least once a day, that is a lot of moisture left to dry. When moisture is left in the shower, that is the key to the growth of mold and mildew. No one enjoys cleaning a bathroom and dealing with mold and mildew. Enter X-14 Mold & Mildew Stain Remover.

My master bathroom has a tiled bathtub and shower combination. Even though I have a fan in my bathroom to draw out the steam, the humidity still gets trapped in the shower. The tiled ceiling traps the moisture and the shower curtain that is left open after a shower seems to build up the mold even quicker. What I love about the X-14 Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is the ease of use, no scrubbing needed! Yea! I do not need to break out the knuckle busting scrub brush and flex my arm muscles on trying to get rid of that gross stuff. X-14 Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is safe to use on tiled surfaces, sealed grout, vinyl and plastic when used as directed. Now I only have to spray my shower curtain once every two weeks instead of running it through the washing machine.

Spring is here and a good time to start off your spring cleaning with trying out the cleaning power of X-14 Mold & Mildew Stain Remover. Spend more time in the garden and with your family, not cleaning the bathroom!
This product review was done for Mom Central.

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