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Saturday, May 2, 2009

If your not careful, you can miss it!

I love these Dwarf Iris and have often missed them in bloom. I just happened to walk by the flower bed one last time in the evening making sure I did not leave any garden tools out there and spotted them just about ready to bloom. They are quick, a night before picture and the morning after, one day and that is it. So beautiful for such a short bloom time!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

It all comes back.....eventually

Who would have thought this Raggedy Ann doll would cause such a big scene at a tag sale. How you might ask? I think I went above and beyond what many would have done, you tell me.

We had a town wide tag sale this past Saturday which my girl friend Amy and I took one car and drove around to the church part of the sales then hit up a few on the way home. the last one we stopped at had a lot of girl items at it, including at least 6 Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls of different sizes. The mom had two daughters, ages 10 and 8. The were wandering around the sale hanging out. If you have been reading my blog, you know I am working on the sleep issue with the pacifier so the first Raggedy Ann doll I see is the Pajama doll with fuzzy pink slippers. I asked the mom how much, $2, wow what a deal! Bought it and brought it to my daughter in the car, which of course she immediately loved it and the fact it had pajamas on it with the slippers was a hit. While my girl friend Amy was looking around and I am at the car, I hear the 10 year old daughter crying, yelling at her mom "That was mine mommy!" And the mom states to her "You go tell that 2 year old you want to take back the doll, that is setting a good example." I am thinking this is not going to be good.
The mom walks over with two small 8" dolls and asks me if my daughter would trade them for the pajama one, her daughter evidently did not know she had put this one up for sale. Oh great.....put me in a position to barter with my daughter after I already gave it to her. I show my daughter the two for one deal, no go and no surprise....she likes the pajama one. The 10 year old is still sobbing by the house. I walk over to the table with the dolls, picked up the 2 ft Ann doll and tried the trade, still no go. I then resort to the Ann and Andy, which while she was distracted, took the pajama one out and handed it to the 10 year old who was helping her mom put some items Amy had bought in the car. The 10 year old thanked me, sniffling the whole time. We left the tag sale, me completely annoyed and wondering how long it would take before my daughter realized the pajama Ann doll was missing. Not a mile down the road, she asked for it. I had to tell her that I left it there and apologize.
The problem with this occurrence was a few things. The mom did not go seem to have reviewed with the daughter what she had for sale and the statements made out load in front of us were pretty awkward. The mom NEVER apologized to me and I really did not have to do what I did. Why did I do it? I would hope that someday, if this ever happened to me that someone would do the same. A kind of "what goes around, comes around" deal. I did not feel bad for the mom, I felt bad for the 10 year old girl. I did end up getting the Raggedy Ann and Andy 85th Anniversary 2ft dolls for $2, which I am sure the mom was not happy about.
As for the pajama Raggedy Ann, first I told my daughter I would make some for the new doll. What am I crazy? I barely have time to knit right now. I did a quick search on line only to find one on ebay, bought it and done. Hopefully this will be a good sign....especially with taking away the pacifier.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

No pie - Continued

We are now a week from when I took the pacifier away and it has developed into a whole new issue with sleeping. She now tells me that she is not going to bed, and when she is in bed, she cries for about 30 minutes calling for me and stating "Get me out of here". She seems to be not happy with her bed anymore. But........once she does fall asleep, she does not wake up in the middle of the night and when she wakes up in the morning she is in a good mood. So it seems to be the self soothing habit. We kept the routine the same for going to bed, so as to be consistent. I am hoping this will pass. I am looking into new crib sheets in something she likes either Dora or Raggedy Ann. Otherwise, it may be onward to the big bed!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arlen Specter Swings to Dem side

It is no surprise to me that Arlen Specter, now a former Republican of Pennsylvania has moved over to the Democratic side. He is not doing very well in his state, had someone else bidding for the nomination of his seat and has not voted under the Republican thought process in a while. So when the announcement came yesterday, I found myself not surprised, amused and saying "how typical". He is selfish and is running to keep his job alive. It just goes to show he is not representing his state, people or party but only himself. Let's see how long he lasts, hopefully not long. Oh but what a nice gift to give for the current administration, someone who flip flops and you cannot count on. You can read more about it here.

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March of Dimes Walk

Thank you to everyone who contributed to both myself and my Sister-in-law Deb for the March of Dimes Walk for Babies this past Sunday. There was a wonderful turnout, the weather was beautiful and we had a nice 3 mile walk. Although I think Deb's daughter needed the ATV stroller after the bumpy rocky ride, it is New England and nothing is flat here or without stones!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What is that cat doing?

Domino felt ambitious the other day......must be the warm weather!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

KaBOOM! 100,000 playscapes in 100 days

Recently we went on a family vacation to Mississippi and stayed in a gated community with my husband's grandmother. This community was located around a lake with several homes. What I loved was the fact that there were several playgrounds located throughout the community, all clean and well groomed with a wide variety of activities. My daughter had never been to a playground and found a new obsession. So much to do and where to go next. What was her favorite activity? The shute-to-shute! If you don't know what a shute-to-shute is......it is a slide. This is what her great grandmother called it and it stuck! The funny part was the fact that there were two slides of two different size. One size she could manage herself, the other was much larger. Of course her favorite seemed to be the larger one, no surprise.

Not everyone has the ability to be located near a playscape. Playscapes are a wonderful place for kids to burn off some energy, have some unstructured fun and just be a kid! More outside play proves to have children more fit, active, creative and develop better social skills. KaBOOM!, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding and creating play spaces within walking distance for every child, has embarked on a nationwide mission to help communities build playspaces.

What is considered a playscape? This cane be a playground, field, a skate park, roller hockey rink, lake, dog park, community center, basketball court or ice rink - any place where kids can engage in unstructured play for free or a nominal fee. Listing a playscape on KaBOOM! consists of an address or cross street and a description, one photo and one rating. What I love about this site is you can not only list the playscapes in your community, but you can use tools they have available to help you build one. These tools range from how to fund projects, plans, equipment and involving volunteers.

I believe we are a society that has lost the drive to bring our kids to a playground. It is easier for many people to just turn the TV on, rely on video games or popping in a DVD. I was not as fortunate to live near a playscape of any sort but instead lived in a neighborhood near a town dock that I went fishing or some other water sport. I was fortunate to have this available to me. Not all children are this fortunate now, which is why it is important to help build the list of what is available and find places where one can be developed.

Mom Central has teamed up with KaBOOM! by which for every playscape entered, $1 will be donated to Jumpstart, a non-profit that brings at-risk preschool children and caring adults together to improve literacy. It is quick, easy and you can do so much good in such little time and effort. Please stop by KaBOOM! and see how you can contribute to building on 100,000 playscapes in 100 days, bringing children outside for safe playscapes.

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