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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Are you brand devoted still?

Many companies rely on people who only buy their brand of product, even in a tough economy. Many households have tightened their budgets and taken another look at what we purchase on a daily basis, what we want versus what really is a need. This obviously has had an impact on purchasing the branded items we may have been devoted to and may have changed to generic to save some money. I seem to think generic may be winning out over the brand name in many instances, which of course the stores who carry their own generic brand win out on the purchase.
Yesterday I found myself in this position with an item which really never crossed my mind that I was devoted to this brand. I had a coupon for $1 off of Lysol disinfected wipes, which I thought was pretty good since it was for purchase of one, usually they require two. I was at my local IGA and they had a free standing display of this product with only one scent. I really wanted it in lemon so decided to go to the cleaning aisle to see what other scents they had. Once I found the cleaning aisle, I only found the same scent and noticed right next to this product was the generic IGA brand on sale in the lemon scent. Comparing prices with using the coupon, it was the same price. Since I wanted the lemon scent, I went with the generic. I figured I might be able to use the coupon again since I had until the end of the year on it. Also, it may be cheaper at Walmart with more choices. Brand did not seem to have an impact with me here. In fact, I I find myself steering away more and more form buying only certain brands, looking more for prices differences, coupons and specials.
How about food? One example I see is at the deli. Bringing my daughter to the grocery store and walking by the deli always prompts her to say to me "Mommy, I want some cheese!". This was a lovely habit brought on by our local IGA deli employees who love to see her and will hand her a piece of cheese which she now expects. Take a look at all of the varieties of meats and cheeses, Boar's Head and Land O' Lakes come to mind first and of course are always the most expensive. I know people who will only buy Land O' Lakes cheese, will pay the full price and forfeit the sale one. I am not one of those people. I guess those companies would not be targeting me, although I think Land O' Lakes needs to take a look at the sign of the times and would be curious if they have seen a dip in sales. I also think that many people who are older, like my grandmother are even more brand devoted when it comes to food. My grandmother will only by Mucke's Skinless Hotdogs, will drive out of her three town radius to get them. Another relative in the family ONLY uses Down Cake flour to make her pound cakes, swears by it and if attempt her recipe and it does not come out like hers, she asks if you used that flour. To me, those are brand devotions.
So what am I devoted to in brand name? I started to go through my cabinets, closets, drawers to see what I buy the same thing of. There was nothing in the food area that I considered to be brand devoted. Looking around I only found two items both in personal hygiene. It was deodorant and tampons and I know that I tend to buy these items when they are on sale and use coupons. I am probably the person that many companies are not targeting to be repeat customers for life when it comes to purchasing a product just for the brand name.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Clean consealed composting

Well, composting is not necessarily clean and neat but when you are transferring your table scraps from kitchen to the compost pile, that is where it can look and be a little messy. My buddy Suzanne for my birthday gave me this great compost bucket for my counter. As you can see, I use to use a bowl and empty it every day but certainly was not nice to look at on the counter. Now I can empty the bucket every couple of days, and it looks nice!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A memorable 40th Birthday recap

It is a week after my 40th birthday and it has been a memorable week.

On the day of my birthday I was treated to a pancake breakfast with my girl friend Suzanne who had invited by surprise my Sister-in-law Deb. Her husband had make the pancakes with all sorts of toppings, sausage, bacon and we toasted with Mimosa's....yup there was champagne involved and why not!

Thursday night we went over to my in-law's for Indian food(my favorite) and a four layer chocolate cake, yum!

Friday night we went out to dinner at Foxwoods Resort to Shrine and had some awesome sushi rolls. We spent a little time at the slots, I managed to win some, cashed out and walked away even.

Saturday was the big one. Melissa, my Sister-in-law took me out for a pedicure, lunch and shopping in the early afternoon, something I generally do not do. Driving in the driveway I wondered what the fleet of cars were at my house, SURPRISE! A Laua themed birthday, co-ordinated by my husband with the help of friends and family. Cannot believe they managed to keep it a secret. My daughter had a grass skirt on running around the back yard, she looked so cute! About an hour into the party, I started to not feel so good. I basically ended up in the bathroom all night long what what seemed to be food poisoning. Did not get to enjoy the wonderful food and the pineapple pistachio cake they had given me. Everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves, thankfully!
Mother's Day was a wash, slept most of the day recovering only to start to feel back to normal about 8pm. A week I will never forget.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New addition to my yard

My in-laws gave me two pear trees for my birthday, a great addition to my collection of fruit trees. I currently have two peach, several new apple trees and was considering pears. Now I just have to find a spot to plant them!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oriele siting in the crab apple tree

I would never be able to get this shot with my old camera. For Mother's Day I got a wonderful addition to my new camera, a 70/300 MM lens. I am going to have fun capturing bird photos, and thank goodness no shutter delay of 5 seconds!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Stalking the Wild Aspragus

This is an actual book in case you did not know. But for me, they are not wild but a decent size patch I have been harvesting daily. If I forget, they get too big and with all of this rain, my average harvest has been about 6 a day. It is a good year so far.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

There's a new camera in town

On my 40th birthday, my husband treated me to a new camera! He did a great job with doing his research and bought a Nikon. The new camera takes up to 4.5 pictures per second, wow! My old camera has a horrible delay of about 5 seconds and the batteries were crapping out. Originally I wanted a Canon Rebel, but I can say the Nikon is awesome. of course I will not be bringing this camera to the beach, I will have to keep the old one for the handbag.

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