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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A splash of color

I love it when this Azalea is in bloom, the color is so bright against my white house!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Connecticut Paid Sick Days Vote Coming up!

Connecticut State House of Representatives will be voting on our Paid Sick Days bill as soon as tomorrow -- putting us only two steps away from passing Paid Sick Days into law.

There's not much time left, tell your Legislators to vote YES on Paid Sick Days before it comes up for a vote!

Why is Paid Sick Days such an important bill, anyway? The ongoing Swine Flu outbreak is a perfect example of why Paid Sick Days are so important. The CDC recommended that anyone with flu-like symptoms, and their families, stay home from work and school to prevent spread of the virus. But forty-four percent of Connecticut workers are not allowed to earn Paid Sick Days. Without Paid Sick Days, working families have to choose between taking care of themselves and their families or risk losing their jobs. In these tough economic times, we can't afford to put families in that position. Connecticut has a chance to make that right.

Contact your Connecticut State Representatives to tell them to vote YES on Paid Sick Days! They may be voting on this as early as tomorrow!

Here is the link below you can use to let them know you support Paid Sick Days.


This post was written by MomsRising.org and I am in support of Paid Sick Days.

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Windex Outdoor all-in-one Glass Cleaning Tool

Got pets? Got sliding glass doors? Then you have a pet who really wants to be able to look out of a nice clean window, spotting the squirrels, turkeys and neighbor pets visiting the yard! I happen to have this situation, along with my in-laws who have a sun room, more windows to deal with. A paper towel, spray bottle and ladder just does not do it, and often the issue is reaching the windows.

I had the opportunity to try out the Windex Outdoor all-in-one Glass Cleaning Tool. This is a very neat cleaning system which reaches up to 11ft, great for sun room windows. I am all about easy and the Windex Outdoor all-in-one Cleaning Tool is easy to use. You get your garden hose, spray the windows, wipe with the Windex pad then spray again. That is it! Pollen is a major culprit this spring, building up on the windows. This cleaning system tackled the pollen, making the windows sparkle! Luna now has a much cleaner view of potential visitors in the yard......watch out turkeys! Those blueberry bushes are much safer now!

Check out the coupon offered for a starter kit, save up $2.50!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a New York Yankee series!

I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed watching a Yankee game so much as this past series against the Twins. Every game had excitement, drama, great plays and a dramatic ending.
Friday night was the walk off win by Melky, Saturday was the walk off win by A-Rod, Sunday the walk off win by Damon and Monday was the first close by Phil Coke. A four game sweep that was much needed for catch up and confidence building. I love the catcher they have cover Molina right now, Francisco Cerville, they have got to keep him! He has so much drive, energy, he can run like no other catcher can, a great arm, calls the game pitches, confident and just shows it in the field and off. In fact, many of the young guys who are in and out right now are all pushers and movers. Sure there have been a few rookie mistakes stealing bases and maybe a little bit of greediness, but the hustle is there. But give it up to "Tex" who has been on fire, I knew would happen eventually. He is pumping out the home runs and RBI's, making up for a slow April and hopefully keeping it going! Now I can finally say I am excited to go to a Yankee game this weekend!

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Cakes with Dora

Oh how my daughter would go nuts over this cake. I think this is a great recreation of Dora, boots and as my daughter calls it Dora's "packpap". As always, Cake Wrecks posts the best and the worst, there is no exception for Dora cakes. Check it out here.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The farmers were right

We were very lucky last night with the cold temperatures. Because we had the early warm spell in the beginning of May, everyone seemed to be out planting their gardens, forgetting that there was always that possibility that we could get a frost up to Memorial Day. The rainy cool weeks did not help growth but did let the plants root system settle in. Many people were out at the garden centers trying to buy vegetable plants that were not out of the greenhouses yet. I was hesitant planting my garden early knowing my filed is easily subjected to frost. When we watched the news last night before going to bed, they had posted a frost warning and all we could do is hope the vegetables would make it. We were very lucky, dodging a potential frost last night that could have easily taken all of my garden vegetables we planted. What saved us was a small band of clouds that stayed over eastern Connecticut, keeping the temperature above the freeze mark, 38 degrees at 6am when I took the dog out. The farmers were right, you never know if there will be a frost up to Memorial Day and that is why many wait to plant until then.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Pink dogwood in bloom

I love my pink dogwood tree I got for Mother's Day last year. The color is so bright and it sticks out among the green all around.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

When, where and if to start nursery school

I never thought I would be having these conversations or be involved with the parent groups that I am now. Everyone seems to have an opinion on when, where or if you should send your child to Nursery School. It is all opinion and your choice. Of course you get the mom's who have the strong opinion on where they would only send their child to, suggesting your choice could never be up to par. This is nursery school we are talking about, not college.

I take my daughter to a few of the local recreational department programs with kids the same age and some she may be in school with eventually. You hear it all in these programs, I find myself being the listener rather than inserting opinions. One mother every week talks about the Montessori School her daughter goes to as if she were a paid advertised program on TV, I think she could sell the Shamwow just as well as the man does on the infomercial. I have nothing against the Montessori Schools, I know a few who have gone and also know a mom who worked three jobs to send all her three kids there. When it comes to Montessori Schools, the decision to send my daughter is about location, finance and reputation. Using these criteria for sending my daughter to Nursery School, Montessori does not fit. I do not want to pay the cost of their tuition, the closest one to me is 20 minute drive and that school is fairly new. Their program is an everyday class, not two days a week. For me, the two days a week for two hours at age 3 is enough, and I do not need to drive 20 minutes to get there, wait until it is over than drive home. I want to be able to use that two hours to do something for me.

The other comment I heard today from another parent was when and if to send your child to nursery school. Her daughter is only three weeks older than my daughter and from what I understand, September to December birthdays are young and are often held back. The mom stated she did not feel she needed to send her daughter to nursery school because she has enough socialization in playgroups and she is a stay at home mom, she can give her all she needs. Being I was sitting right next to her and our daughter's are the same age, I had to interject with an opinion. Not to mention I am also a stay at home mom and my daughter also interacts with other children her age. My statement to her was about reinforcement of social skills and it also gives her daughter an environment to be in without her parents around to interact with others her own age. As we know, majority of the parents will not be there while they are in school. The statement that came from the teacher is what concerned me the most. She stated that most children are being held back due to school is becoming harder. Why is school becoming harder? More homework? More expectations? I understand it is not like Little House on the Prairie with writing on one tablet or chalk board, all grades in the same room as each other and homework that CAN be done without a computer. You could not pay me enough to go back and do it all over again, once was enough and I will be re-living it with my daughter anyway!

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