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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A BIG project

When you go to other people's homes and see some beautiful gardens, you get inspired. Or is it some synapses misfired in your brain and you think "I can do that!" without realizing how much work it is.
I went over to a friend's home to see her gardens she will have on display next week for a tour. She spends so much time on them, manicured, weed free and the flow of color and flowers are perfect. You just cannot help but go away and say "What have I been doing with my year?". I decided to take on a challenge, a BIG one in my eyes, extend out a garden I made tow years ago by building a sloping rock wall with a raised bed. I couldn't pick something easier like planting a rose against my fence post, it had to be this. I have the rocks, a pile left to us by our neighbor before he passed away. It almost seemed like a tribute to him since this garden also housed a rose he gave us that I have managed to keep healthy.

I staked it out, my husband and I talked it over with a game plan and had the opportunity to start it. I dove right in and started to pull out rocks of the large pile, fully expecting to see a snake at any point in time! You may think that rocks walls seem easy, think again! There is a lot of puzzle piecing with the stones, digging in to get a solid base(I knew those church fireplace bricks would be useful) and compensating for a slope. I want to build an 8ft seat at the end of this garden, yet another challenge. All of the wall will be dry layed out except for the seat which will have mortar, due to the stress of sitting on it. The weather is suppose to be pretty crappy this week and clear by Friday, I would imagine I can get over half of the wall done. Here you can see my cat Domino is doing the inspection.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Just another manic Monday

Woke up Monday morning to a little surprise, our hot water heater seemed to not be working right. The water was hotter than normal with less cold water compensating for the temperature difference. My husband went down stairs to check on it, sure enough it was leaking. He was ready to go off to work and I had to work on this little matter.
I started out with making two phone calls early before 8am to a couple of local plumbers. I left messages stating that the water heater was most likely needed to be replaced being it was 14 years old. My daughter and I then left to go to get some tires changed on my car, what should have been only an hour to do this turned into over a two hour ordeal when then tracked me down at the breakfast place next door to tell me that I needed two new tires. It was almost like extortion, telling me I have to replace two tires that are worn and they would not put the old ones on. What choice did I have? My daughter was extremely patient, good, maybe too good and that could have also been why the time was extended since she was not causing any scene in the tire shop. Finally leaving there spending more money and all morning there, fully expecting to receive a couple of messages on my phone when I got home. What did I get on the phone? Nothing! O.k., maybe they are on the job and will call me when they get home. I am keeping the faith, knowing all too well that often it is a game. I worked with plumbers in my last job for over 7 years, I know what to expect. I had knitting and my first nursery school meeting, a long night and was sure I would have a message when I got home. A late night and home by 10pm, no messages!
Tuesday comes, still no hot water, I have utilized my in-laws for the shower and I have to heat water to do the dishes, that is not fun. I make another phone call to a different plumber, again local to try to stay away from giving to the "big box" corporate store. Waited all day for a call, again resorting to possibly calling one more plumber in the area to get this situation fixed. Finally at 7pm, got a call from a plumber and he is available ASAP to do the job, shocking. Let's just see how much this will cost....under or over $1k???

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moles in a sandbox

Oh the stories the Little People have.......today it was dealing with moles in a sandbox. My daughter has the Little People Summer set with a sandbox and camping parts. Sara Lynn evidently found a mole in the sandbox and they are digging with Eddie to try and get it out. The ice cream man stopped by to help, bringing the shovel for them. Evidently the mole is too big and too hard, they have to use their teamwork to grab it, being too heavy. Santa Claus stepped in to try and help, maybe he can put some "weight" into it. He did it! Hip hip hooray! Santa Claus saved the day and got the mole out! Wow.......who knew moles got into sandboxes.....uh oh.....wait there seems to be one more mole in there....to be continued!

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Peonies in bloom

My favorite flowers in bloom and a little surprise. I did not realize the pink peony had a little two tone light pink interior. I have a few more plants that did not bloom this and hoping they produce a surprise for me next year.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Virtual Limonade Stand - Help fight Ovarian Cancer

Ask my daughter what her favorite drink is right now and she will tell you lemonade! I seem to have to have it in my house at all times. It is such a summertime drink and I know my daughter will eventually get it in her head that she will need to have a lemonade stand in front of my house servicing the neighborhood! Wouldn't you like a new fridge to help you out with storing all of those lemons? IF you saw my fridge, you would know why I would LOVE to have this!

Electrolux and America's favorite multi-tasking Mom, Kelly Ripa are teaming up to kick off a virtual lemonade stand campaign to help support the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, a cause close to Kelly and to women everywhere. Electrolux is introducing their new French Door Refrigerator, with a chance for you to win it. This new refrigerator is part of Electrolux's full line of stylish appliances, featuring sleek designs and top-of-the-line performance. The Electrolux French Door Refrigerator is loaded with unique features that make it ideal for entertaining at a moment's notice.

This summer, exclusively at electroluxappliances.com, you can design and open your own virtual lemonade stands and even pick the flavors of lemonade you want to feature. For every lemonade stand opened at www.electroluxappliances.com, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF. In addition, you can help the cause even more by selling virtual glasses of lemonade to your friends and family; 100 percent of the proceeds will go to OCRF. Everyone you know can contribute to this great cause and be eligible to win the fantastic Electrolux refrigerator. This is a sweet cause and there is nothing sour about this fridge which could certainly house a lot of lemons!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Little sun bathers

My daughter spends a lot of time playing with the water table she got from my parents, she has incorporated her Little People who are dressed for the occasion. I am always amazed at what stories she makes up and here she has set them up for sunbathing before the go on their sailboat rides. Life is good!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a Beauty!

I love how the Beauty Bush drapes with the pink flowers, a very fitting name for a beautiful flower!

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