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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Final picking

Brussel Sprouts are not my favorite but my father loves them and I found out my friend Bob likes them also. At least I have someone to give them to who will enjoy them.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Candy and holidays

They seem to go hand in hand here. I am seeing it more as a parent than ever before. Halloween candy, Christmas candy, Easter Candy, Valentine's Day candy....surprised there is no 4th of July candy or Labor Day candy. They obviously have not marketed or advertised those well just yet, I am sure they are constantly trying to figure out how to do so. "They" being the candy manufacturer's of course.
I am bringing this subject up again since as a parent I am not happy about how people seem to think it is o.k. to give children as young as 2 years old candy and not think twice of why it is bad for them. I know this is just the beginning for when my daughter goes to public school and is involved with sharing food or offered to what ever is brought in to the class room. Right now, there really needs to be a precedent set early for healthy eating habits. This can only help giving them the power to make better decisions in eating and why. To me, nursery school is not only a fun time for children but also reinforcement of good habits. I can see this will be a mission for me on the next two years serving the board at this co-op.
Got any good candy, junk food or how you have dealt with this situation? Would love to hear it! We already have the Twinkie episode listed below, which would enrage me also!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Evidently I am in the minority

My daughter just started Nursery school this September, a very exciting time for all of us. She had a rocky start but has adapted and is now starting to enjoy her time there. Of course there are all sorts of things new to us such as snack time, daily routines and since it is a co-op, other commitments. What I did not expect was a situation I ran into this past Tuesday.
I picked my daughter up from school and found in her cubby what looked like to be a craft they did. It was a lollipop that had a napkin tied around it to look like a ghost, fast drawn on it. I was not sure if this was brought in for snack or actually a craft done by then. When I went to get my daughter, she immediately told me about the lollipop and wanted to eat it. Before this, she had no idea what these were and has not had ANY candy yet, she is not even three years old! I am trying to keep the candy/sugar on the low side. I was not happy to be put in this position by the school, trying to explain to her why she needs to eat lunch and this was a treat.
So why does this bother me so much? The fact the school has a no candy policy for snack time, that they were involved and candy is not needed to be given to children especially that young! There are so many studies on obesity and eating habits, candy does not need to be introduced as a healthy eating habit. I understand there will be times when I am not there at school or at a friends home that this will happen. But at Nursery school, completely unacceptable! Maybe someone needs to be a leader, step up to the plate and say "Wake up!". Here is where this completely surprises me as I am in the minority, many moms do it and think nothing of it. After all, Halloween is symbolized by candy, and you have your kids dress up, wouldn't you give them the candy also? Trick or Treat? Silly me to think that a treat can also be a cookie, fruit or even gold fish crackers!
I am still thinking about how to confront them on this and really feel I need to, even though I am not the majority.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin eyes?

I think this tractor has pumpkins for eyes!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Feasting soon?

Hasn't anyone told you yet that Thanksgiving is coming soon????

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scrap stones

I had to go out and buy some landing stones steping off of the steps. I did not want slate and was looking for granite, which is not that easy to find since most stone places use the saw to cut them smooth. I managed to find these locally in a scrap stone pile, $75 each! A deal, all about 4-5"thick. They will be a challenge to move into place but in the end well worth it.

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