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Saturday, November 21, 2009

An afternoon in the compost pile

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful weather! I could not resist working outside so my daughter and I decided to spend some time in the compost pile.
I know what you might be thinking......not that fun, smelly, not your first choice to spend a sunny afternoon in. This was the only project that I had besides leaves and I can't seem to start the leaf blower. I know my husband was probably going to be covering up the compost pile with more leaves over the weekend so I needed to get as much black gold out of there!
The beginning of the week I cleaned all of the asparagus beds and phase two is covering them with some compost. My daughter and I shoveled 6 wheel barrels worth of compost, spread them on all of the asparagus beds and also on some of the baby trees planted near by. Domino, the hunter kitty of the house seemed to like the activity and ended up laying on top of the compost pile watching us. Not my choice of a comfortable spot but the sun was there and it was a good view of the activity. I would have taken a picture bu my hands were pretty dirty from the dirt....

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Cupcakes for a birthday

This is part one of three birthday parties for my daughter who turns 3 on November 29th. This party was for her nursery school which we made pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting. The pumpkin was from our garden which we pureed over the weekend and my daughter helped me make these every step of the way! Her favorite part had to be putting the orange and purple sprinkles on top. She chose Dora liners over the Elmo and thankfully you could see the pictures on the liner. I have found many times that once you bake the cupcakes, the picture is not clear.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Day back to work

Yesterday was my first day of Public Service as an elected official. I have been out of the working world for over three years and was excited to get back in. Let me tell you a little bit about my job.
This past election I was elected to the position Town Treasurer. I sign checks, reconcile the accounts, involved with investments and the Town Finance Manager. I basically am a backup checker to the books. There are no set hours, what ever the time is needed is what you make of it. I have a desk, no computer(yup, this is described in the next paragraph), a phone and walking into procedures that have occurred for a long period of time.
What did I find on the first day? I have no computer, everything has been written out on ledgers by hand. I plan on asking for a computer today and will take a lot of time to update much of the info in it. The Town Hall is so warm, it is stifling! Each department has their thermostat set separately and ranges around 74 degrees! I am use to having my home set at 63 and when the wood stove is going it gets up to 67 at the most. I am sure many of these employees do not have this temperature set at their homes. There are other issues which need to be addressed, probably not going to be the most popular person there and I know change is not easy but this is important to be able to run the town more efficiently and outgoing to the public. I will keep you posted on life is public office.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Election in Question...on TV

Here is the link from the local news station which has been running the story for the past 24 hours with the video link after it.



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Election in question

The state of Connecticut changed over last year from the old ballot machines to the new scanner machines to bring the state up in technology, accuracy and accountability. I among many other liked the old ballot machines due to the fact you could not get any more accurate than pushing a lever down to cast your vote. Now we have fill in the circle which brings in a lot of question on voter intention if they did not fill out the ballot correct. The scanner scans the ballot to what it thinks is correct, meaning some votes can be missed if the oval is not filled in such as using an "x" in the oval. It does not matter how many times you tell the voter to ensure accuracy, it is up to the voter to fill it in correctly. So what happens when there is a close results for a particular seat? There has to be a recount with both parties represented from the election, the Moderator and agreement on each ballot of what the voter intention was. This is a state law and should be known by the Moderator, Town Clerk(who files the results) and the Registrar of voters for either party. Now that I have given you a mini lesson in voting a recount, let me fill you in on what has happened in the town I live in.
All of the above happened in the last election, a seat on the Board of Education was claimed to be a recount with the Democratic candidate winning by one vote on Election Day. The recount was done officially according to state law and the count was changed where the Republican won by one vote. Two days later after the recount, the Town Clerk(D) and the Moderator(D) decided to take the keys from the Democratic Registrar and open the sealed ballots, recount and change the official recount to a tie vote due to they felt there was an error. Sealed the ballots back up, changed the number and faxed it in to the Secretary of State. A new election has been declared for the seat next Tuesday. There was no representation of the Republican party and did what they said "was nothing wrong". Do you see what was wrong here? This is how easy it is to play with the hand chosen ballots! An abuse of power, pompous attitude that they were within their right to do so and did nothing wrong and a waste of taxpayers money for another election to be held. This story went to the local news today, see the link here but the newspaper story is incorrect also! The Republicans are filing a report with the Secretary of State today for an investigation. Not the "chad" incident but darn close!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quick.....knit a scarf!

I needed a birthday present on the fly......got this neat pattern from one of my knit group buddies and managed to finish it in three evenings! A Celtic neck scarf that buttons, very cute! I am knitting another and modifying it slightly to add a little more clean lines to the end that does not have buttons on it. My mother-in-law tried it on and it looked even better on!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pine cone popsicles

I had two little girls wanting to do an art project on a yucky day. What I came up with was an hours worth of fun, pine cones filled with peanut butter and rolled in seeds.
I had the girls gather the pine cones they wanted to use. I put cracked corn, oatmeal and bird seed on three paper plates for rolling. I had a large jar of Jif extra chunky peanut butter(one I do not eat since it is not all natural) and put in all in a bowl for them to scoop up and fill all between the cones. They thought this was such fun getting messy and playing with peanut butter. Then they rolled and patted each one with all of the different seeds. The end result is a snack for the birds(or squirrels) which we put in the freezer when ready to use. The mess was minimal, even in the kitchen. This is an ideal project for outside. Tie some ribbon or yarn and hang it from a tree or give them as a gift.

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