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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is this a New Year's Resolution?

I have decided to make it a challenge for me to weed out, thin out, cut down on the clutter in my home. The St. John vacation made me feel like less is best and I do not really need so much. I also want to take stock in what I really feel I do need, what my focus is, interests and where I spend more of my time doing. So is this a New Year's Resolution? I guess it could be but I and many other people cannot seem to keep these promises so I am not going to call it that. I guess I can call it a task, something else on the "to do" list.
When I told my husband that I was going to focus on this task, he of course agreed and was all for it. The problem is that I know I cannot do it when he is around. My first day back I tackled the cookbooks. I have three shelves of cookbooks, love to look at them and often reference for meals and baking. What I do know is that I have many I do not use and some that are out dated. My daughter wanted to help me so we pulled out all of the cookbooks and put back the ones I use and wanted, kept the ones I did not need in a pile. I managed to remove one whole shelf. Then my husband saw the pile of books and felt we needed to keep a few out of the pile, books we have NEVER used. Lesson learned.....do the task when he is not around and he won't know what he is missing.
Tomorrow, sort out the clothes, mine and everyone else in the house!

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