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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The ground shook

If you had watched the news whether it is your local or national, you probably saw the gas explosion which occurred Sunday in Middletown, Connecticut. The site is about 7 miles from our home and the bizarre thing was I did not think anything of it. We were at the first day opening of the long awaited grocery store in town, The Country Market. We were actually in our car, a VW diesel jetta which is load anyway. I heard something but thought nothing of it since we were right next to the river and bridge, until we went into the store and was asked if we heard the blast like noise.
After the grocery store we went to Gillette Castle for a short walk and went home. It was when I turned on the TV where they were reporting a gas explosion. A tragic accident and close to home. Makes me think what could have happened if we still had the nuclear power plant running right across the river from us and possibilities of an incident.
If you missed it, here is the news link.

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